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3 Ways to Maximize Space with the Perfect Home Office Desk

3 Ways to Maximize Space with the Perfect Home Office Desk
Working from home is an essential part of many people’s lives. The world of office work has been dramatically shifting since early last year, and it’s become very important to have a great workstation at home. Space, however, can be an issue, and not everyone has enough of it for a big desk. Thankfully, we came up with solutions and ideas on how to make the perfect home office desk fit into your home.

There are so many different models online, and choosing one can be an arduous task. And while those who live in huge homes have the luxury of limitless design opportunities, smaller homes are a struggle at times. The right desk might seem too big, and the place can look too cluttered. How to overcome that?

By choosing the perfect home office desk, you’ll be able to maximize space and create the right home office environment for yourself. You don’t need to sacrifice space if you don’t have much of it — there are ways to make a desk work in your home office without using up all the available square footage in your home.

We compiled a list of home office desks you can choose from to maximize space in your home, as well as some tips on how to make your home office unique and singular to you. Read along to learn how to transform your home into a work-from-home haven!

Simple Writing Desks

Writing desks are definitely a great and simple choice for anyone who needs an uncomplicated yet reliable work surface. They are lightweight, easy to move around, and they can fit into a variety of interiors.

While some people prefer larger desks, minimalists would thrive with a simple writing desk. Why unnecessarily complicate and clutter your space when you can have all the benefits of a desk while saving free space for other furniture or belongings?

Furthermore, writing desks are a great solution to set up a secondary workstation in your home. If you are lucky to have a bigger home office, a writing desk in a separate room can elevate your work routine. It’s the perfect home office desk to use as a secondary or temporary workstation for when you need a quick change of scenery and feel uninspired from sitting in the same room all day.

Changing your environment periodically when working from home is a great idea to boost productivity and creativity. Why sit by the same four walls when you don’t feel the creative juices flowing anymore?

Lastly, writing desks are a great solution if you need an extra surface to display your decor or plants. Being lightweight and easy to carry and reposition, they can serve as a practical desk and surface in many different rooms. You can place one in your living room, entryway, or even in your bedroom.

Desks with Hutch

Maximizing space often equals maximizing storage opportunities. This is possible in any home, as all you need is a great home office desk with built-in storage. While drawers and closed cabinets are great for office supplies and files, a hutch can take your desk to the next level.

Forget not having enough space for books, decor, and other small items: a hutch can store everything in a practical and elegant manner.

Hutches utilize space vertically, much like storage solutions designed for narrow halls, bedrooms, and bathrooms. We often think of our walls as idle spots in the room that we fill with paintings or decor, but they can be used for a practical storage solution like a hutch instead.

Hutches are also great to help declutter your room. We are all familiar with the pesky feeling of having office materials and papers all over our home offices. Sometimes your work surface is simply not enough to hold all your supplies and materials, and a hutch can truly come in handy.

Furthermore, clutter is not only annoying, but also distracting, and potentially dangerous. No one wants to have things lying around the office, as it can distract us from focusing on our tasks and even be an obstacle for when we need to move around our room.

You can also use your hutch to place decor elements on it. Some small plants or perhaps framed photographs can fit perfectly in the small compartments, and this can drastically improve the overall look and feel of your home office.

Strategically Positioned L-Shaped and Standing Desks

Let’s face it: no matter how little space we might have, some of us just need a bigger home office desk. If you work with more than one monitor, or simply have tons of office materials, how can you make it all fit together without giving up the little space you have, you may ask? Simply by positioning your desk in a strategic way.

When you tuck your desk into the corner of the room — be it a small corner desk or a large L-shaped or standing desk — you can take advantage of a huge workstation while maximizing space to the fullest.

This little trick can really make a huge difference even in the smallest space. Furthermore, this is another great idea to declutter the room. It’s only natural that it will be easier to keep your office organized when your desk is visually detached from the rest of your space. Using the corner of your home office will maximize a space that is often left untouched, liberating space at the center, which can be used for other furniture or even left open.

If all you need is a big desk, an L-shaped one is the right choice. It also often comes with built-in drawers or cabinets, which you can use to store your office supplies or papers. Alternatively, a standing desk can be a great choice.

Some standing desks are L-shaped, giving you the benefits of a big work surface, but they have more perks, too. You can manually lift the surface to maintain a more active position while working, which can help you relieve pressure from your back and neck.

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