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4 Modern Office Desk Options for Everyone

4 Modern Office Desk Options for Everyone

Choosing the perfect home office desk is no easy task. Since transitioning to remote or hybrid work schedules, many people have found themselves lacking a proper home office setup, understandably so. However, setting up a successful workstation at home is possible if you follow a few easy steps.

There are so many different home office desks you can choose from. If you’re looking for a compact solution, a small office desk is a great idea. If you need more room, an L shaped office desk might be a more suitable option for you. Whichever you choose, follow our simple steps and tips to set yourself up for success and productive work shifts from the comfort of your own home.

First, let’s answer some common questions you might have before making a big purchase online.

Where Can You Buy an Office Desk?

While the market is awash with options, let’s make sure you get the best bang for your buck. There are many types of desks available for purchase, depending on your needs, budget, and personal preferences.

While shopping in-store is still the preferred way for many customers, we’d like to shine a light on how easy and effective it can be to buy a desk online. Think about it: no waiting in line, no need to drive the product back home, and often better deals and sales.

Plus, when you buy from Bush Home, you know that we offer free standard shipping directly to your home, making it extra easy for you to receive your product without having to lift or carry large pieces of furniture back home. Our products come in different boxes and assembly is easy and accessible.

Furthermore, we often offer amazing discounts and sales on our website. You can find great deals pretty much every day, and that can help when setting up your home office.

Where Can You Buy an Executive Desk?

If you’re wondering where to buy an executive desk, look no further than Bush Home. We have a lovely variety of professional and appealing executive desks.

We have a vast array of executive desks to choose from, from simple ones to L-shaped ones with built-in storage. Take a look at the many options and finishes available to find a solution that will let you work in comfort and impress anyone who sees your home office. An executive desk is a statement, one that conveys sophistication, professionalism, and elegance.

How Can You Arrange Two Desks in One Home Office?

Space is certainly an issue for a lot of folks when it comes to buying furniture or revamping your home. Some models, however, are compact enough or specifically designed for two people to share an office.

Since the beginning of last year, many people transitioned to working from home, and there is often more than one remote worker in one place. If you’re planning on working from home with your partner, children, or roommates, your best bet is checking out desks that are compact enough to fit in small spaces. Another option is a corner or L-shaped desk, which can be placed in a corner to maximize space to the fullest.

These solutions are also great to give your office area a fresher and more organized look. Not only will you be saving space in the room by utilizing idle spots in the corner of a room, but you can also manage clutter much more effectively. Corner and L-shaped desks are visually detached from the rest of the room, making it easier to keep your office area clean.

We also offer bundles designed specifically for remote workers. Some of these include two desks in case you find yourself working from home with your partner. Some even have additional filing cabinets to make sure you both keep your shared office area organized.

How to Organize Your Office Desk?

Working remotely also means spending a lot of time in the same environment, within and outside of work hours. Naturally, your place can get cluttered quite easily if you don’t organize your space effectively.

A great way to solve this issue is by choosing an office desk with built-in storage, such as drawers or compartments. Even a small office desk with drawers can do the trick.

Furthermore, many desks have hutches and desktop organizers. These options help organize everything that lies on your desktop, allowing you to maximize space vertically to keep clutter at bay.

What Are the Dimensions and What is the Height of a Home Office Desk?

One of the main reasons why some customers are skeptical of buying furniture online is because they can’t figure out whether a certain solution will fit in their home. However, modern furniture websites make it easier and easier to make an accurate purchase online.

The dimensions and height of our home office desks can be found on our website. When buying furniture online, always make sure to read the description carefully and check the dimensions, so you know the product will fit into your home. You’ll also need to measure the spot in your home where you’d like to place your office desk. This will prevent any mistakes and unexpected surprises when you finally receive your product.

How to Personalize Your Home Office Desk?

Naturally, one of the main challenges when buying a home office desk is personalizing it to your needs. Everyone wants an ergonomic and comfortable workstation, but you also want your home office desk to look good, right?

Whether you’ve chosen a simple home office executive desk or an L shaped executive desk — which are more traditional in their style — or a modern home office desk, you can personalize it and make it as singular and unique as you’d like.

To make your home office desk look good, first make sure to position it strategically. You don’t want it to look out of place or use all the space available in the room. When placed in the corner or next to a wall, a home office desk can help you maximize space in the room and keep your work area more organized.

Secondly, make sure to maximize natural light to the fullest. Natural light has invigorating and energizing properties, and it’s no secret that everyone at the office tries to snatch the desk closest to the window. This is no coincidence: across industries, workers who spend their shift with an abundance of natural light report happier moods and increased productivity.

Lastly, make sure to decorate! From art to plants, choose whichever elements you’d like to see and be surrounded with during work hours. Plants, for example, also have great calming and relaxing properties. In commercial spaces as well as hospitals, green rooms are dedicated to clients and patients alike to relax and relieve tension. Have you ever noticed that a lot of commercial offices have plants in the reception area? And even some stores have plants around the shop? They add a relaxing and very aesthetically pleasing touch to any interior.

Similarly, art is another great addition to any room. While some pieces might be very expensive, there are different affordable types of art to choose from. For example, a canvas or art print above your desk or around it would probably look very nice.

Design accents are another way to decorate your desk. You can use your hutch or desktop organizer to place them in an organized and coordinated manner. An L-shaped office desk is also a great option for extra space for your decorations. You can work on one side of your desk and leave the other side for decor items of your choice.

Where Can You Find Office and Desk Chairs?

A great workstation is a good start, but you’ll need an office chair to pair it with. Office and desk chairs are essential to get adequate support during long work shifts from home. If you’re tired of the same plain office chairs you see everywhere around you, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to check out the many office chairs we have available at Bush Home and Bush Business Furniture. From traditional to contemporary chairs, we offer a wide array of designs, materials, and colors to choose from. Forget about having to pair your desk with a dull chair. You can work in comfort and make a statement all at once.

Where Can I Find Additional Office Furniture?

You won’t be surprised to learn that we not only sell great desks and chairs, but we also offer a variety of office storage furnishings. Understandably, some people prefer their desk to have some built-in storage, but some remote workers have too many files and office supplies to fit on their desk, so a little help is needed.

Additional office furniture can include a filing cabinet, a bookcase, or even a bar cabinet. In many cases, you can also get an add-on desktop organizer or hutch.

Filing cabinets are very practical for files, papers, and other small desk supplies. Similarly, drawers and larger cabinets are great for bigger office supplies and other objects.

Bookcases are a great alternative to a filing cabinet, and they offer space for decorations and plants as well. If you’re looking for a storage solution to display your favorite items, a bookcase is the way to go.

Lastly, hutches and desktop organizers are a great way to gain some useful storage space without giving up floor space. Hutches use space vertically, which is usually left idle or covered by decorations. With the help of a hutch, you can organize your office supplies and books in an attractive manner.

What Style Should I Choose for My Office Desk?

As mentioned earlier, the market is awash with different options to choose from. There are so many styles and shapes, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! To keep it simple, we broke it down into five styles we absolutely love. Read along and find out which style speaks to you the most, and you’ll have the most beautiful and functional office ever!


One of our most beloved design trends is, without a doubt, farmhouse style. It looks beautiful in a variety of settings, evoking a natural and calm feel. You don’t need to travel to a cottage to get that relaxed feeling anymore. Just choose a farmhouse office desk, and your place will be transformed!

While embracing elements of rural architecture, farmhouse is also characterized by modern comforts. The result is a style that looks both stylish and cozy.

Practicality and simplicity are accompanied by rustic charm in our many farmhouse-style collections. One of our most beloved ones is Salinas, which offers solutions for the whole home. Salinas boasts a wide array of desks to choose from, from simple ones to L-shaped ones.

Salinas desks are perfect for big and small places alike. If you live in a smaller home, perhaps a small writing desk is the right choice for you. Writing desks are especially apt for people who don’t work from home all the time. They are also great for those who do some occasional work during the day.

If you’re lucky to live in a big home, you could invest in a bigger workstation, such as an L shaped desk with storage or a hutch. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, however, do not worry, there are ways around that.

To maximize space in your room, place your L shaped desk in the corner. It will help you free up space in the center, all while keeping the room neat and tidy. Similarly, a writing desk with hutch could be a great idea. Choose one from the Salinas Collection for a farmhouse look in a variety of finishes of your choice.

Another reason to choose Salinas is the vast array of solutions for the whole home. If you’d like to keep the style in your home consistent, Salinas has an option for every room. From entryway storage, kitchen pantry storage, and bathroom cabinets to living room furniture and home office furniture, there is something for everyone.


Not to be confused with the contemporary style, the modern style is another fan favorite. Characterized by the statement “Form Follows Function,” and rooted in 1920 Scandinavian culture, it’s a style that embraces linear shapes and natural textures.

The modern style is beautiful and functional, and it’s a great choice for those who prefer minimalist styles that make a statement. Natural textures such as different types of wood take center stage in this style, perfect for houses as well as apartments.

A gorgeous collection in the modern style that we are particularly fond of is Bristol. The clean lines and simple shapes in this collection make a bold statement while keeping your home sleek and organized. There are a variety of desks and other office furniture to choose from to set yourself up for successful work shifts. Additionally, your home will look stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

An option best suited for people who live in very small apartments or those who love repurposing furniture is a secretary desk. Secretary desks have been making a steady comeback in the world of office furniture, and here’s why: they are compact, multipurpose, and they can be used in many ways. You can use yours as a regular small desk, a storage solution, or even a bar cabinet. If you already have a primary desk, you can use your secretary desk as a secondary workstation, which is a great idea to boost focus and productivity.


Inspired by industrial spaces and popular in the design and concept of many lofts, the industrial style is one that will not go unnoticed. Have you ever dreamt of living in one of those picturesque New York City lofts, for example? You can evoke that same design style with the help of industrial office furniture.

One of the collections that represents the modern industrial style best is Anthropology. It combines metal, wood and glass for a fusion that will add a distinct flare to any space.

Furthermore, Anthropology boasts a wide array of different solutions not only for your home office, but also for your living room and other areas of your home.

To complete the look of your space, make sure to optimize natural light when possible. It is naturally invigorating and energizing, and it will give that extra touch to your office when you need to work. Similarly, it’s important to choose your artificial lighting according to your chosen style. Vintage exposed light bulbs, for example, are a great way to complement an industrial space. Lastly, a concrete or brick wall would be the final touch in making your space look even more cohesive with the industrial-style furniture you chose.


If you’re looking for something traditional, perhaps an executive desk is something that might appeal to you. Executive desks are incredibly sophisticated and elegant, all while maintaining a timeless and traditional look.

If you spend a lot of time in your home office and would like to invest in a workstation that will serve you for many years to come, look no further than our gorgeous Bush Home Arlington Collection. The classic finish and bronze details add an elegant touch to your room while remaining traditional and professional.

To complement the look of your executive desk, you can invest in a separate storage solution, such as a filing cabinet or bookcase. The former is great for papers and files, while the latter is a great solution for books, decor objects, and even plants.

Another traditional collection we are fond of is Cabot. This classic-style collection offers many home office options to choose from, including L-shaped desks and standing desks.

Standing desks are an amazing way to keep fit, relieve pressure from your back and neck, and stay productive. Did you know that breaking up long hours of sitting down can have an amazing effect on your productivity and comfort? With a standing desk, you can achieve all you want.

When you’re tired of sitting down, simply lift the surface of your standing desk, and you are ready to take a stand whenever you want. Furthermore, the myth about being unable to type as fast as if you were sitting down has been debunked. Workers around the world report similar productivity rates, with the added benefit of better posture and comfort.

To make your office space even more unique, don’t forget to decorate it according to your style.

Art and framed prints are a great way to add some color to your walls, for example. Plants are another great way to add brightness and a touch of Zen to your office, too. Even if you’re not an expert, there are many plants that are beginner-friendly and easy to take care of. Pothos, for example, is a plant that comes in many different varieties. It’s, without a doubt, a perfect option for offices because people usually forget to water plants in an office. Pothos can survive for weeks without being watered, making it a perfect remote work companion.

In conclusion, choosing a home office desk is not as difficult as it may seem, when you follow a few simple steps. It all depends on your personal preference and the scope of your desk. With our practical tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to set your home office area up for success, as well as maintaining a coordinated and unique style in your home. Working from home is a joy with the right home office desk!

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