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A Bush Home Collection for Every Style and Need

A Bush Home Collection for Every Style and Need

We all know how important a cohesive and coordinated design is, especially in our own environment. Since spending the better part of last year at home, it’s even more important to see that our furniture blends nicely with the rest of our interior. If you’re looking to revamp your place, you’re in the right place. The right Bush Home Collection will complement your home and make any room look outstanding. From tables to entryway furniture, every collection certainly has something you’ll love.

There’s something for literally every style and need. Every Bush Home Collection is designed keeping in mind the various decor styles and budgets of our customers. Let’s look at some of the most stunning Bush Home Collections we have to offer.

Bush Home Key West Collection

The gorgeous Key West Bush Home Collection stands out with its refreshing and natural-looking array of furniture. The relaxed finishes, unique x pattern accents and attractive post leg design add a touch of freshness to every room.

Bush Home Key West would look spectacular in every room, from the home office to the bathroom. It gives customers a chance to choose the perfect storage solution or work surface for any interior. Moreover, the natural-looking finishes blend seamlessly with any decor.

Bush Home Key West is singular in its abundance of desks and complementary storage solutions and surfaces. They range from writing and office desks to coffee tables, end tables, and even bookcases.

Desks, tables and storage solutions are not the only items in this gorgeous Bush Home Collection. The Bush Home Key West Bathroom Collection offers multiple stunning solutions for your washroom and your laundry room alike. For some, lack of space in their bathroom is often a problem, and that is why we designed space-saving storage solutions that will look great and be of great purpose.

The Over the Toilet Storage Cabinet, for example, would fit on top of any standard toilet and offers a beautiful concealed storage solution to store all your belongings, from towels to toilet paper and toiletries.

If you have some extra space, the Tall Linen Cabinet is perfect for you. It’s perfect for those who need ample storage for their textiles, towels, and other items, it complements any bathroom with its sleek and functional design.

Lastly, don’t forget to make laundry day much easier and pleasant thanks to the Bush Home Key West laundry hamper with lid. The hamper bag is removable, making trips to the laundry room much easier. Additionally, the convenient lid allows you to open it with one hand while you hold towels and clothes.

Bush Home Somerset Collection

If you’re looking to really invest in your home office, there isn’t a better solution than the Bush Home Somerset Collection. Its transitional style and tapered leg design will enrich any place, both in the home and home office.

Are you one of those people who can’t sit in one position all day without having back and neck pain? We’ve got you. The ergonomic Bush Home Somerset sit-to-stand desks allows you to comfortably switch positions during the day. With the push of a button, you can switch positions and wave back and neck pain goodbye. It also allows you to preset your favorite heights so you won’t have to waste time finding the perfect desk height every time you want to get up or sit down. We also carry a vast array of mechanical sit-to-stand desks, which you can manually elevate to three different heights.

If you’re looking for a more traditional desk, the Bush Home Somerset desk with hutch is an ideal solution. It will give you plenty of space to have everything at hand while working, while keeping everything organized.

For lovers of large work surfaces, the L-shaped desks are the most efficient workstation you could dream of. The shape of these desks will allow you to keep everything at your fingertips. Plus, you won’t ever feel like you don’t have enough space on your workstation.

A simple yet wonderful solution for your home office would be a Bush Home Somerset desk bundle. The simple and traditional desks will blend seamlessly with your interior, while an additional file cabinet or bookcase will give you plenty of storage for your belongings. The beautiful Somerset bookcase is also perfect to showcase your favorite decor items and plants! This gorgeous Bush Home Collection is designed to be versatile and transitional and fit into truly any interior.

Bush Home Salinas Collection

Perhaps the most inclusive Bush Home Collection of all, Salinas offers solutions for every corner of the house. Available in multiple finishes and crafted in an attractive Mission style, the Bush Home Salinas Collection adds a casual and relaxing farmhouse touch to any interior.

Although often forgotten, entryway furniture is of paramount importance to make your home welcoming and organized from the first look. The Bush Home Salinas entryway set offers a Hall Tree with Shoe Storage Bench and a Tall Storage Cabinet with Doors to store everything you need.

If you’re in need of extra storage, the Bush Home Salinas Accent Storage Cabinet will add an element of design and practicality to your entryway. The ample storage space paired with the stunning design makes for a piece of furniture that could shine in truly any room of the house.

Moreover, the Bush Home Salinas Accent Storage Cabinet can even serve as a storage solution in the hall, bathroom, or bedroom, and it’s great to showcase plants or little designer items, or even books and manuals.

The Bush Home Salinas Collection also offers gorgeous storage cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom. They are available in multiple finishes and come with ample shelves to store all your necessities.

Lastly, let’s not forget about your home office! The Bush Home Salinas Collection offers multiple desks, hutches, and storage solutions to make your workspace inviting and comfortable. For a designer touch, you can add a gorgeous Tufted Office Chair to complement your desk and work comfortably.

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