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Choose Comfort and Ergonomics with a Corner Standing Desk

Choose Comfort and Ergonomics with a Corner Standing Desk

Since early last year, a lot of us have found ourselves adapting to a new routine, working primarily remotely. You might have heard of people choosing a standing desk instead of a traditional one to beat sedentariness, but how to choose the perfect one? For a workstation that will let you work comfortably and save space at home, choose a practical corner standing desk.

Space is often an issue when choosing the right workstation. We all know that a good desk is indispensable, and there are so many options to choose from. Even if your place seems small, there are ways to make everything fit in the right place. With a corner standing desk, you can maximize space in even the smallest apartment and work in comfort.

There are innumerable benefits to working while standing, and we want to point out some of them. And if a healthier lifestyle is not necessarily what you’re looking for, no problem! There are different reasons why a corner standing desk can transform your home, not just your health. We’re happy to guide you through some of the reasons why a corner standing desk is a great investment for your home.

Ergonomics Like Never Before

Working from home is a reality for many people, and having a great workstation is of paramount importance. When we work in an uncomfortable position or sit for too long, we tend to slouch and forget to sit straight. This can result in chronic back and neck pain, which are harmful and uncomfortable to live with.

A corner standing desk is the perfect option for a hybrid sit and stand routine. You don’t necessarily have to spend the whole day standing if you don’t want to. Even breaking up long hours sitting down with a bit of standing can make a huge difference.

Standing while working has proven to have immense health benefits. From looking overall more toned and feeling more active, standing can also reduce back and neck pain. Moreover, increased sedentariness is linked with high blood sugar levels, and even premature death.

Multiple studies around the world found that employees who switched to a standing desk reported higher energy levels and less physical pain. You can really see the difference it makes whenever someone switches to a corner standing desk. Think about somebody you know who leads a sedentary lifestyle and compare now with someone who is physically active at work. The difference is really noticeable, and it goes beyond physical health: mood and productivity also get affected.

Sitting all day in the same room and in the same position can be detrimental physically and also creatively. To resolve this issue, you can easily place your standing desk in the corner of your room to declutter and freshen up your space and create a little work area for yourself. You can easily lift your work surface whenever you want and readjust yourself to a more comfortable position.

Declutter Your Space with Ease

Nothing feels as great as a clean space, and a corner standing desk might just be what you need to keep your office organized. We all know how clutter can take over a home office. It’s easy to forget to keep your work surface tidy and not leave things around, and your corner standing desk can be of great help to declutter the room.

Most models come with built-in storage, which is fantastic to store all your files, documents, and work essentials. Should the space not be enough, you can add additional storage solutions such as a filing cabinet or a bookcase. You can opt for one in the same collection, or mix and match styles. Alternatively, you can also invest in a desk set to revamp your home office in one easy move.

Moreover, your workstation will allow you to comfortably spread all your work materials on the spacious desktop. The built-in storage provides extra space, but the surface alone can accommodate anything you might need during a long work shift. You won’t feel tempted to leave things around the room anymore with such a big work surface.

Another great way to declutter is by placing your desk in a strategic way. Naturally, when placed in a corner, your corner standing desk will free up a lot of space in the room. This can help you keep your room free of clutter, as well as maximize space.

Even if you live in a small home, a corner standing desk will fit pretty much into any living room.

More Space to Decorate

A great perk of having a corner standing desk is its great surface. You can use part of your desk to work on, and another part to decorate the room! Some models also include practical hutches and other built-in storage, so you can further decorate your workstation using those.

There are so many different ways to decorate your home office, and it boils down to your personal preference. Minimalists might prefer to keep decoration at a minimum, and one way to brighten up your space is by placing it close to a source of light.

Even a bare corner standing desk positioned in a bright spot instantly takes new life within the space. Alternatively, you can also add a plant or two to your home office for a relaxing and inspiring touch.

There are many beginner-friendly plants to choose from, and you don’t necessarily even have to buy a potted houseplant. Some plants happily grow in water, like pothos and lucky bamboo. Just remember to change the water every week or two, and you’re set!

You can also decorate your space with art or unique design pieces. An eclectic rug or a singular piece can add so much to a space, so you don’t necessarily need a ton of decor to transform the room. You can also opt for an accent wall to add some color, and this option is especially palatable for darker rooms. If you want to instantly brighten up the space, just color one of your walls with your favorite color, and your place will look completely refreshed.

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