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Create a Productive Student Workspace at Home

Create a Productive Student Workspace at Home

While most back-to-school checklists include pencils, erasers, and notebooks, it’s important not to forget about setting up a productive study space for your child to prepare them for a successful academic year.

Students spend anywhere from 4-6 hours per day attending in-person lessons or virtual classes. And that doesn’t include the time they spend studying or doing homework at home or in their dorm room. It’s critical to create a learning environment that not only makes them feel comfortable but also inspires their creativity, keeps them focused, and feels uniquely theirs.

Let’s look into some ways to help you create a student workspace at home that everyone will love.

What Are 5 Things That Should Be in a Student Workspace Setup?

Whether you’re helping your kid set up a student workspace at home or you’re advising your child on how to furnish their college dorm, the elements of a successful student workspace are pretty much the same. Let’s dive into each of the five main ones to create the perfect student workspace at home.

1. A Great Desk

The first and most important part of your student workspace at home should be a great computer desk. As mentioned earlier, students spend a long time in front of their laptops and having a reliable and comfortable workstation is key to success and focus.

A great option for dorms or smaller spaces can be writing desk or a small desk. Both of these options are designed to save space and give your child a comfortable workstation to study at.

If space isn’t an issue, an L-shaped desk is another great solution for a student workspace at home. The shape of this type of desk is large enough to accommodate your child’s books, notebooks, and laptop, and some models come with built-in drawers or a hutch.

Though a bigger room might give you more versatility in styling the overall look of the space, an L-shaped desk can actually work in a smaller room too. When placed in the corner, it instantly looks detached from the rest of the room, making it appear more organized and visually larger. It also works in a smaller room like a dorm room or a child’s bedroom, as you only need one corner to fit the desk in.

Lastly, don’t forget about standing desks. Though designed with long working hours in mind, these desks are a great option for students who spend a significant amount of time in front of their laptops taking virtual classes. Being able to shift between sitting and standing while taking classes or studying is a great option to increase productivity and feel less physical tension.

2. An Ergonomic Office Chair

After you’ve chosen your desk, the following step should be choosing an office chair, preferably an ergonomic one. There are many reasons to invest in an ergonomic office chair. The first and main one is that it will take care of your posture. When you use a standard chair, it’s natural to lean forward because regular chairs don’t have the correct back height.

Moreover, numerous studies have found that ergonomic office chairs and comfortable furniture in general have a significant impact on employees in offices and environments like call centers and other sedentary positions. People who work in ergonomic environments report higher levels of productivity and even happiness. It therefore makes sense that your child will feel and perform better with a comfortable and adjustable chair to sit in while studying.

Third, ergonomic office chairs can help to alleviate back pain and relieve pressure on your hips. Ergonomic office chairs care for your back and hips by providing adequate back support and seat depth throughout the day, making it an excellent option for students who spend a long time at their desk every day.

3. Plenty of Storage Space

How can you keep your child’s room or apartment looking neat and organized while keeping files and small supplies in order? The solution is to use a storage cabinet, bookcase, or a simple file cabinet!

A file cabinet can help you organize documents and other small office essentials while keeping your desktop clutter-free. This is an excellent solution for anyone working or studying at home and wants to free up space on their work surface.

However, there are plenty more options for small spaces and dorm rooms you could explore. The dorm is student’s second home, and it’s normal for them to spend a significant amount of time in this space., Therefore, it’s a great idea to invest in pieces of furniture that could serve different purposes and be reused in one space.

A narrow console table, for example, is a great option for small rooms and dorms. A narrow console table looks great next to any door or in any unused space, as it adds a surface to display or place decor items and shelves to store personal belongings. It provides just enough surface space on the practical shelves to display some items in full view, and you can use yours to display plants, books, manuals, and other items.

Some models also include useful desktop organizers that can be added on top to maximize the surface area of your console table. It’s ideal for storing school supplies and essentials in a small area, as well as providing enough surface to display your favorite decorations in full view.

Another great solution for a dorm or student apartment is an end table with storage. While it is a fairly small piece of furniture, it can serve many different purposes, from storing files to being a great addition to a living room, bedroom, or entryway.

Use a convenient end table to hold magazines or use it as a small drinks table next to your sofa. If you don’t have room for larger pieces, this is ideal, and very versatile.

Some models have built-in drawers, while others have a small shelf beneath the surface for books, papers, or cables. Wherever you decide to put your end table with storage, it will undoubtedly add character to your space, and serve as a functional storage piece.

4. Stock Up on School Supplies

Undoubtedly, school supplies are very important to your child’s success at school. Make sure your child’s study space is stocked with stationery, pens, pencils, and chargers for their devices. You’ll also want to make sure they have a great Wi-Fi connection to complete their coursework.

With more colleges offering online classes, some students will prefer to learn virtually than on a campus that is perhaps miles away from home. This might be true for your child. Online schooling can be challenging and spending a lot of time in the same space tends to lead to clutter and lack of organization. A great way to keep organized is by tackling one or two things at a time. A simple tool like a pegboard, a calendar, or a blackboard can do wonders at relieving some of the stress and anxiety related to classes and overwhelming schedules. Organization tools also help creating a productive student workspace at home. Make sure your child has all the equipment they need to master their classes, be they in-person or online.

If your child is always on their phone – who isn’t these days? – then you might want to encourage them to download an app that will help them study and keep track of their homework and exams.

5. Unique Decor

Creating a productive workspace also means creating a vibe that feels unique and cozy. Both dorm rooms and student bedrooms are very intimate spaces where teenagers and young adults spend a lot of their time. Therefore, decor is not something you should overlook or deem irrelevant!

There are many ways to add some character to the room, and most of it will depend on your child’s taste. Let’s look at some general tips to create a productive workspace.

First, let there be light. Though bright, direct sunlight can be bothersome when working on a computer, having some natural light beaming in is a great way to increase mood and productivity.

Secondly, look into some greenery to add to the study space or dorm. Though it can be risky to buy a plant that requires a ton of care and time, some plants are very easy to keep alive, and they truly brighten up any space. A pothos or a snake plant, for example, could be great companions for your child while they study.

Lastly, lamps, rugs, and art prints are also great ways to liven up the space. Lamps help create a productive workspace especially on cold and rainy days. Rugs and art prints add color to any environment and make a student workspace at home feel unique and singular.

Now that you’ve learned all you need to know about creating a great student workspace at home, are you ready to shop? Head to our website for great savings today!

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