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Explore Different Ways to Use a Horizontal Bookcase

Explore Different Ways to Use a Horizontal Bookcase

Are you looking to add a touch of personality to your room but don’t want to invest too much time and money? Oftentimes, transforming a room or a whole space is much easier than we think. With the right pieces and the right decor, you can really do wonders. And what’s better than a practical horizontal bookcase to display all that decor?

A horizontal bookcase is a wonderful solution for your home, because it’s affordable, easy to put together and to repurpose if needed. There are many different ways to use one in your home, and we’d like to guide you through original ways to use yours.

Of course, bookcases are perfect to store books, manuals, and magazines. There are, however, many ways in which you can use your horizontal bookcase. You can revive an empty room or a hallway, use it as a storage solution, create a bigger bookcase by combining two small ones, and even display photographs or plants on its wide shelves.

We have many furniture collections available, from modern industrial to classic or farmhouse. We also have a collection of universal bookcases you can check out and match yours to your existing decor and interior.

Let’s look at some ways to use a horizontal bookcase in an original way in your space and how to repurpose it if you get tired of your furniture disposition.

Revive Your Hallway or Walls

Books don’t just make us smarter and more knowledgeable, they also look beautiful! To revive a dull corner in your home, it’s enough to simply add a lovely horizontal bookcase next to the wall, and the place will look completely transformed.

Moreover, some books can also be purely decorative, like huge encyclopedias about design, fashion, and cinema. You can add those to your bookshelf to instantly give a touch of uniqueness to your room and enrich the overall design.

Horizontal bookcases are perfect even for the narrowest hallways because they are compact yet spacious. You can use yours in your hallways or even in the entryway as an additional surface and storage solution. You can place your keys and other items you use daily on the wide surface or even use it to place bags or items you are holding when coming in and out.

A horizontal bookcase would also look beautiful in your home office. Paired with other furniture solutions such as an executive desk or L-shaped desk, it would create a cohesive design within your space and help you keep your belongings beautifully displayed.

Don’t forget to check out home office furniture sets when looking online. They are often more convenient than buying every piece singularly because the various elements are designed and made to work together. It also results in a smaller investment, because buying every piece singularly can be costly as well as time-consuming.

Create Unique Pieces

You can also combine two or more pieces together to create a larger horizontal bookcase. This is perfect for those who love creating original shapes with their furniture and are in need of extra storage for their media equipment, books, and other items.

Adding two or more bookcases next to each other close to a wall can instantly revive that corner of the room. A previously empty wall will now display and store your favorite decor items and other objects in a completely unique way.

Don’t forget to add some art on the walls close to your horizontal bookcase! You can look at art auctions, thrift shops, and even online. There is no need to spend a lot of money on it — while some art connoisseurs don’t mind spending big money on their paintings, others might prefer not to. A lot of people prefer to change their design and interior often, so more affordable options might come in handy.

For example, you can use tapestries, posters, art prints, and other readily available solutions online. Choose a frame, and voila! Your place will look like new.

Another gorgeous way to give a touch of brightness to your room is by adding a mirror. Mirrors visually make the room look larger and always add some depth to the room.

Use It to Display Your Plants

A horizontal bookcase is a gorgeous and practical way to display your plants. This is especially handy for those who have a lot of small plants but not much space.

A space-saving and original way of using your horizontal bookcase is by placing plants all over its wide shelves. You can even add some lights on the bottom shelves of your bookcase for a gorgeous evening lighting effect! There are so many different combinations and tricks you can explore.

This solution is especially convenient for plants that love indirect light. Even though all plants need sunlight to grow bigger and thrive, some plants prefer indirect light and shade. This is where your horizontal bookcase can really come in handy! If you place it further away from direct light, such as a wall to the side of a window, you’ll end up getting the perfect amount of indirect light for your green friends.

Now all that’s left is choosing which ones to place! Some gorgeous plants that prefer indirect light are lucky bamboo, different types of marantas (also called prayer plants), bromeliads, dieffenbachias, spider plants, calatheas, zz plants, snake plants, peace lilies, and so many more!

If you’re on a budget, you can opt for a wonderful pothos plant. It’s not only very affordable, but also incredibly easy to grow and propagate! Whenever it grows too much, you can cut it below the node and put your cutting in a glass or jar of water until it roots, or just leave it growing in water.

Plants can really add a touch of life to any room. They make the place look brighter, more welcoming, and more serene. And what better way to showcase yours than with a wonderful horizontal bookcase? Your place will look fantastic!

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