Farmhouse Style Throughout Your Home with the Key West Collection

Farmhouse Style Throughout Your Home with the Key West Collection

Natural, peaceful, and quiet… Isn’t that what we imagine when we hear the word “farmhouse”? The farmhouse style is so well liked that interior design books and TV shows with farmhouse and rustic decor ideas for your home have become more and more popular lately. The good news is that you don’t have to go far to enjoy a relaxing cottage atmosphere in your own home. Farmhouse-style furniture can effectively transform your space and add that cottage feel you crave without requiring you to travel to distant locations.

Today we’ll be talking about the farmhouse style, how to make your home cozier, and one of our most beloved collections, Key West. Let’s dive deeper and answer some questions you might have.

What Is Farmhouse Style?

In recent years, modern farmhouse has become a very popular and trendy style, especially with the rise and widespread popularity of certain home renovation and decor TV shows. However, the farmhouse style has been around for years under various names such as country, primitive, or rustic style.

Unlike previous renditions, today’s farmhouse style avoids being too cute or kitschy by balancing old and new and not going overboard with any one element. It’s reminiscent of 1980s country style (in terms of comfort and coziness), but all grown up.

Farmhouse-style homes are designed to appear collected over time and are not “matchy-matchy.” They are not stuffy or formal, but rather cozy and comfortable. Farmhouse furniture colors include browns and grays, and finishes are often designed to look like wood.

Farmhouse style is approachable and comfortable. It is also adaptable and family-friendly. Who cares if your child gets a scratch on the dining room table? It only adds to the authenticity of the worn and lived-in look.

Modern farmhouse (less cluttered, more minimalist), French country farmhouse (classy and romantic), and industrial or rustic farmhouse (more masculine, with emphasis on repurposed commercial pieces) are all sub-styles of the farmhouse style.

How to Add a Farmhouse Style Touch to your Home

Comfort is the key to achieving the modern farmhouse look. Nothing should look too breakable or fragile, and your farmhouse-style furniture should invite you to relax. Farmhouse furniture is conducive to a homey vibe that invites laughter and good times.

A warm or cool neutral color palette is a good place to start (popular choices might include cream, beige, and grays). Then you can try layering in some natural wood tones. When possible, look for reclaimed wood; scratches, knots, and nicks add that realness and authenticity you’re looking for with the farmhouse style.

Using your favorite colors to add a pop of brightness to the room is a great idea but try to keep the overall look neutral and light. You can also add some black elements to give the room a bit of character and lean into that industrial or rustic look.

Prevent your room from feeling boring or flat by adding a variety of textures to create depth. Woods, metals, and different fabrics such as cotton or wool can add a lot of personality to any room.

Lastly, consider incorporating organic materials into your decor to evoke a natural feeling in your space. Some of the materials to look into are wood, stone, and rattan — from an accent wall to a cabinet or laundry basket, these materials look beautiful in different shapes and forms.

Key West: Our Signature Farmhouse Collection for the Home

A perfect choice for homes that embrace cottage, coastal and farmhouse decor, the Key West Collection includes a wide variety of farmhouse-style furniture for any room. Key West is one of our most beloved and popular collections, with solutions ranging from a tall TV stand to a console table with storage. Let’s look together at various ideas to set up different rooms in your home in a farmhouse style.

Living Room

A modern country house with farmhouse-style furniture is a great choice for anyone wanting to convey a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in their home. If your goal is to set up a farmhouse-style living room, there are many country-style home furniture options to choose from in the wonderful Key West Collection.

You can choose among a huge array of products, from lift-top coffee tables to console tables and TV stands. Being such an expansive collection, Key West is perfect for small and big homes alike.

If you have enough space for multiple farmhouse-style furniture pieces, you can opt for a living room furniture set. Sets are much more convenient than single items purchased separately because they can save you time and money and will look coordinated and cohesive within your space.

Living room farmhouse-style furniture sets usually include either a coffee table, a bookcase, a TV stand, or end tables and console tables. Depending on your space, you can choose the farmhouse style set that appeals to you the most.

Home Office

The home office is another room where Key West comes in handy. For quick and easy farmhouse decorating ideas, Key West is an optimal choice as it offers an incredible array of rustic desks in all shapes and sizes.

A farmhouse-style home office desk would have all the elements of other farmhouse living room and home office furniture: coastal and rustic accents and natural finishes. Because the farmhouse style is defined natural textures, a natural color or finish would look very impactful in your farmhouse-style home office.

If you’re looking for a small desk for occasional work and daily tasks, you can invest in either a writing desk or a secretary desk. The former is great for bigger and smaller homes alike, as its compact shape and lightweight build fit in most places. It’s a very uncomplicated type of desk that is perfect for both the modern professional and the occasional remote worker alike.

A secretary desk, on the other hand, is a fantastic option for those who live in small homes and are struggling to find room for a home office desk. A secretary desk functions as both a desk and a small storage solution when it’s closed, making it a great option for places where square footage is limited.

If you tend to work with a lot of paperwork or have several office supplies to keep at hand, choose a computer desk with storage or an L-shaped desk. The former is a great option for those who have a lot of items to store but would rather use some drawers instead of a bigger desk surface. Needless to say, Key West offers a vast array of computer desks with storage, big and small, with or without hutches or drawers. Therefore, you can choose any size you prefer. The latter option — an L-shaped desk — is an amazing solution for anyone who needs a big surface to work on. Opt for a gorgeous farmhouse or rustic L-shaped desk to gain a large work surface and plenty of space to spread out your multiple devices or office accessories.

Plus, an L-shaped desk can fit even in a small room! Simply tuck yours in the corner of the room to instantly free up a ton of space and detach your workstation from the rest of the room, making your environment visually neater and more organized.

As with farmhouse-style living room sets, a home office furniture set is also an option if you’re looking to set up your home office in a cohesive farmhouse style throughout the space. Office sets often include a desk, a bookcase, or different filing cabinets and storage solutions. Depending on your space, you can choose one that has all the pieces you need to work comfortably and store your items with privacy and ease.


The entryway is another place where you can get creative and add farmhouse-style in the mix. An entryway cabinet, for example, is a small home addition that makes a huge statement and difference. The entryway is the first and last room we see when entering or leaving the house, and though you might not want to complicate things too much, adding a storage solution to it can make a huge difference in how welcoming and organized your home appears.

The farmhouse style is very cozy, and it evokes a sense of peace. You probably won’t achieve that feeling with a disorganized entryway where you have no space to hang or store things when needed. Opt for an entryway cabinet if you have limited space to work with or add an entryway rack or bench if you want to revamp your entryway completely and make it even cozier and more functional for yourself and your guests and family.

How to Cozy Up Your Space

Decor is a big part of the farmhouse style, as it adds so much texture to the place. Farmhouse furniture is often natural-looking, which can make the space look and feel a little flat. Adding lot of texture and elements to your room can bring it to life and make it even cozier than you ever thought.

Some farmhouse decorating ideas might include adding pillows, throws and blankets and choosing woven materials such as knitted wool, linen, or organic cotton. Another element that would convey a farmhouse feel is a jute area rug. Jute rugs or runners are very characteristic of the farmhouse style, as their texture and color look very natural without falling flat.

Certain tapestries and art prints could be a fantastic way to add some character on the walls but consider more niche elements such as a windowpane mirror, a rattan mirror, or a gorgeous garland. If you’re into plants and DIY, you can add a plant wall instead of the traditional painted accent wall. With materials such as bamboo and certain woods, you can make floating shelves or a panel to place or grip your small plants onto. Pro tip: this simple solution is especially mesmerizing when you choose trailing plants.

Plants, of course, require time and care, and that can be an extra chore not everyone is up for. Artificial plants, however, have come a long way from the plastic-looking ones we are used to: nowadays, some artificial plants look so realistic, you would never be able to tell the difference unless you’re staring at them up close.

A great natural addition to your space could also be a bouquet of pampas grass, which has gained popularity in recent years and has been long associated with the farmhouse style. Pampas grass is very easy to incorporate in a room, but it’s uniquely elegant and sophisticated in its look.

Lastly, decorative objects such as small lamps, scented candles, and coffee table books can add a final touch to any farmhouse-style room in your home.

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