Level Up Your Movie Nights with These TV Stands

Level Up Your Movie Nights with These TV Stands

Since early last year, movie nights have become an integral part of our routine, happening almost daily. When spending free time at home, what is better than relaxing in front of the TV? And one way to make those days even better is by choosing one of our TV stands.

TV stands don’t only support a television but can serve as a big part of your home. They can completely transform your room and serve as a functional storage solution.

A good TV stand has to be aesthetically pleasing, multifunctional, and carefully designed. We carefully craft home solutions and office furniture keeping quality, design, and safety always in mind. From desks to TV stands, every product has been designed for our clients’ needs.

While they offer enough storage space on their own, some of our TV stands are also part of convenient and practical living room sets. If you’re currently revamping your living room or furnishing your home, bundles are perfect for you. Instead of picking and choosing every single piece of furniture you need singularly, you can buy them all together in a convenient bundle that is often cheaper and is already coordinated for the pieces to work well together.

Some of our bundles include TV stands, console tables, end tables, bookcases, and coffee tables. Because our collections are designed to work cohesively with the rest of your interior, most of them have solutions for the whole home. This means you can match your TV stand or living room set with other furniture from our collections for a cohesive and coordinated style throughout your whole home.

Let’s look into various collections and TV stands available for you, depending on your design and storage preferences, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Knoxville Collection

To truly transform your home and take your movie nights to a whole new level, why not invest in an entertainment center? If you’re into farmhouse styles and relaxed finishes, you will love our iconic Knoxville Collection. Some pieces in this collection feature multiple open shelves and up to four concealed compartments for all your personal belongings, including consoles, cables, and bulkier items you’d like to keep out of sight.

The open shelves can be used to display plants, photos, and vases, while the huge surface can accommodate a TV as big as 70 inches and weighing up to 80 pounds. This incredible entertainment center will serve as a sturdy surface and storage solution for many years to come.

TV stands are far from everything that the Knoxville Collection has to offer. This mesmerizing collection is characterized by unique diagonal accents and relaxed finishes that would blend in with most decors and interiors, and there are solutions available for most rooms of the house. Pair your entertainment stand with a beautiful bookcase or cabinet, or even add a workstation to your space such as a writing desk with storage or an L-shaped desk.

Salinas Collection

Next, we have our iconic Salinas Collection, one of our most versatile and loved collections for the whole home. Salinas boasts an unmatched range of solutions for literally every room, from the tiniest bathroom to a big kitchen.

This collection stands out for its gorgeous soft finishes and an overall relaxed feel. Perfect for lovers of cottage and farmhouse designs, there is a little bit of everything in this collection.

The TV stands and living room sets in this collection will blend perfectly with the rest of your interior, taking your movie nights and lazy days on the couch to a whole new level. What’s better than whiling away on the sofa, watching your favorite TV show in a beautifully organized, decorated, and free of clutter room? Salinas will serve to both give your home a cozy, relaxed atmosphere and keep your space organized and tidy.

You can also opt for a stunning accent table to match your TV stand. You can also pair your TV stand with a wonderful living room computer desk with built-in or additional storage.

Salinas is one of our most versatile collections, boasting a wide range of solutions for the whole home. From the entryway to the living room and home office, we have solutions for every room. It’s especially convenient for people who would rather keep the same style throughout their spaces.

The solutions in this collection are perfect both for small homes and for those who have more space. Space optimization and multifunctionality are among Bush Home 's main priorities. We truly make it our mission to design solutions that work within any space.

Living Room Sets with TV Stands

Our iconic Salinas Collection also offers living room sets with TV stands included. This is an optimal solution to revamp your living room and enjoy coordinated designs throughout your space.

Why spend time and money looking for every piece of furniture separately? Instead, opt for a fantastic bundle that already has every piece designed and curated to work well with the others. This is a more affordable and faster solution to decorate and furnish your home with ease.

Choose a living room set with a TV stand to enjoy both the benefits of an entertainment center and additional storage solutions. Some bundles come with end tables, coffee tables, and console tables, while others come with bookcases.

Bookcases are a wonderful solution to display books, manuals, photos and small decor objects in full view. They can also serve as a storage solution for your DVDs and other media items, should you need more space.

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