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Maintain an Active Position While Working with an L Shaped Standing Desk

Maintain an Active Position While Working with an L Shaped Standing Desk

Slouching and sitting uncomfortably all day is one of the biggest downsides of remote work. What many don’t realize is that bad posture and lack of comfort at work can have drastic consequences on your health. Maintain an active position by working with a practical L shaped standing desk to resolve or prevent this issue.

Standing while working can have immense benefits for your health, workflow, and productivity. When your posture is taken care of, everything aligns. You will feel more energized, more active, and back pain will be a worry of the past.

Choosing the right L shaped standing desk is crucial, because it needs to serve you as best as possible. The perfect one will not just complement your work routine, but elevate it. Moreover, the right L shaped standing desk will also help you keep your home tidy.

Stick around for some of the main reasons to invest in an L shaped standing desk. Follow our tips below and see the benefits for yourself!

The Health Benefits of Working While Standing

There are incredible benefits to working with an L shaped standing desk, and the first one is the most important: health. Did you know that working while standing reduces your risk of weight gain and obesity? Naturally, we burn more calories while standing as opposed to sitting, and this can have a massive difference in the long run. Standing up a little bit every day will let you burn a lot of calories over the span of a week! Definitely worth a try, considering that you can multitask in the meantime.

Similarly, your blood sugar levels and heart can benefit from more standing. Furthermore, using an L shaped standing desk to complete your daily tasks can help you with back pain. Many employees with long-term back pain see an improvement after a few weeks of working while standing. The CDC once published a study showing that long-term back pain can reduce by 54% in just four weeks of using a standing desk.

Last, but not least, is the link between increased sitting time and early death. Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise given that excessive sedentariness is linked with heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Choosing an L shaped standing desk will allow you to work standing whenever you want. You won’t have to be bound to your chair to complete your tasks. Instead, you’ll be able to lift your workstation to a comfortable standing position whenever you feel like you need a break.

Working While Standing Can Improve Your Mood and Productivity

Doesn’t everything seem better when we are in a good mood? Standing while working can dramatically improve your work routine, making you more energized and happy.

Stress and fatigue are often linked to sedentariness, so standing up during work can solve this problem. Overall, maintaining an energetic and active position while working can really boost your mood and productivity.

Furthermore, there is evidence that suggests a link between sedentariness and mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. Exercise is well known for boosting energy and mood, and standing while working is no exception.

While productivity is different for everybody, and it’s hard to determine what can boost it, standing while working certainly doesn’t hinder it. Standing while working shouldn’t affect the speed at which you type, allowing you to maintain the same pace as usual. Additionally, considering that your mood will be enhanced, your productivity is likely to do the same.

One simple trick you can implement is placing your L shaped standing desk facing a wall or corner. This way you will not only optimize space in the room, but you will probably be able to focus better. We all get distracted when working at home, and it’s important to find tactics to boost our energy levels. When your L shaped standing desk is tucked in a corner, your office area stays neat and organized and the space in the room is maximized. Moreover, you can work undisturbed without feeling unnerved by the many distractions at home.

Wave Clutter and Lack of Space Goodbye

Another great reason to invest in an L shaped standing desk is practicality. The right desk will help you maximize space at home, keep your work area tidy, and make you feel more focused in your endeavors.

Place your L shaped desk in the corner of your home office or living room to maximize space to the fullest. By doing so, the center of the room will be free which will also declutter the room. When your work area visually looks separated from the rest of the room, it’s easier to keep it tidy.

Now, you’ll have a lot of free space all of a sudden. While your L shaped standing desk will help keep you more active, why not exercise too? A great way to further boost your productivity during long work shifts at home is by stretching regularly.

You can start with just a few basic stretching exercises, or delve right into a full workout if you feel like it. Exercising during the week, and even during a work shift, can drastically improve your well-being.

Lastly, don’t forget to decorate your home office! Most L shaped standing desk models offer a generous surface that can be used both to work and display your favorite items. You can use part of the desktop for photos, decor, and little plants. Alternatively, you can utilize the built-in storage and shelving that some desks come with or add additional storage solutions.

Bookcases, for example, are ideal for those who have a lot of decor and personal belongings to display. The ample shelving offers enough space for your favorite items, and you can even showcase beautiful plants. Just remember to let natural light filter in!

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