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Pamper Your Back With a Sit and Stand Desk

Pamper Your Back With a Sit and Stand Desk

A common struggle for people working from home is definitely back pain. Since early last year, a lot of us have found ourselves working at home in sedentary and uncomfortable positions. This is often the result of not investing in ergonomic home office furniture, like a sit and stand desk.

Standing desks are a wonderful option for people who have a hard time sitting in the same position all day. They are also perfect for those who naturally prefer to avoid sedentary positions that cause back and neck discomfort. A sit and stand desk will allow you to conveniently switch your position whenever your body needs a break.

Ergonomics are a top priority for us when creating home office furniture solutions. We design every desk keeping quality, style, and multifunctionality in mind. You simply can’t go wrong with one of our sit and stand desks, whichever your style or design preference.

A sit to stand desk is not only great to work on, but it will also effortlessly complement your interior. Our furniture solutions are designed to work well with a variety of interiors, and we offer bundles if you want to achieve a cohesive style throughout your home office or any other room.

We offer electric sit and stand desks, mechanical standing desks, and bundles of home office furniture with additional storage solutions. While most of our desks come with built-in storage such as practical file or box drawers, we also offer a wide variety of additional storage solutions for the whole home. Let’s look into the option best suited for you according to your style and needs.

Mechanical Height-Adjustable Desks

A cost-effective and straightforward ergonomic solution is definitely a mechanical sit and stand desk. It’s perfect for those who prefer to physically adjust their workstation to the desired height and change positions whenever they please. It’s a very versatile solution that could work in most home offices or even other rooms of the house.

For a transitional solution that works with a variety of decor styles , check out our stunning Somerset Collection. Available in multiple finishes, this gorgeous collection offers many incredible home office furniture solutions and beyond. Opt for a wide mechanical sit and stand desk and pair it with a gorgeous office chair or additional storage solutions.

Mechanical sit and stand desks look great in any corner of the room. Place yours next to the wall to optimize space or use it as a surface to place files or objects when the desk is not in use.

Most of our mechanical height-adjustable desks are L-shaped, giving you more benefits than just ergonomics. L-shaped desks are wider and offer a much bigger workstation to comfortably work on all day. The surface is big enough to keep your work essentials at hand, helping you stay focused and organized all day. Don’t you just hate it when you have to get up and look for items around your office? Just because you didn’t have enough space on your desk to keep them handy? L-shaped desks are wonderful to resolve this annoying problem.

Most of our models offer both the benefit of a solid and stable work surface for your office supplies and files and the practicality of a height-adjustable surface for you to work on.

Electric Sit and Stand Desks

Some of our most iconic designs are electric height-adjustable standing desks, which are both ergonomic and highly multifunctional. You can sit or stand with the push of a button, and some models even give you the option to preset your favorite heights for quick and easy adjustments. It’s not necessary to mechanically lift your desk every time you feel like getting up on your feet. You can simply press one little button and voila, your desired height is ready for you.

Electric sit and stand desks are a great solution for people who live in small homes, because they occupy less space than a traditional desk and can be easily repositioned to optimize space.

An electric sit and stand desk looks great in any interior, and it will transform the room depending on where you place it. If you want to optimize space in your room and create a more private work area, place it in the corner! It will create a more secluded and private little work area for you where you can work in peace and not be interrupted. Moreover, some find it more productive to work in a corner or facing a wall because it’s said to boost concentration and focus.

Adjustable Desk Sets with Storage

If you’re revamping your home office completely, why not look into a practical desk set? You can choose any sit and stand desk available in a bundle to save yourself time and money when completing the look of your office. Bundles offer additional storage solutions such as filing cabinets and bookcases, and they often cost less than buying items singularly.

Bundles are perfect for those who have tons of office supplies or work materials they want to store or display. File and box drawers are perfect for paperwork and small office supplies, while bookcases are an optimal solution to display items such as books, manuals, plants, and photographs.

For a traditional and classic style, don’t forget to check out our gorgeous Cabot Collection. This collection will instantly add a touch of elegance and give your home office a professional feel. Choose among the many finishes and bundles available, both with traditionally shaped or L-shaped desks. If you need extra storage on your desk, you can opt for a wonderful sit and stand desk with a hutch to organize your belongings right on top of your work surface. The various items in this collection look beautifully together and create a cohesive and coordinated overall design. Complete the look of your home office with an ergonomic office chair for maximum comfort.

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