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Refresh Your Home with the Right Office Furniture

Refresh Your Home with the Right Office Furniture

With the arrival of fall and a new academic year, some feel the urge to revamp their home office. Whether you work at home or simply need a good workstation, now is the time to invest in great office furniture! The right pieces will complement your home, maximize your space, and help you work comfortably and undisturbed.

Choose the right desk, pair it with the perfect office chair, and add external storage solutions such as office storage cabinets to set yourself up for successful work shifts. Moreover, you can invest in a practical desk set to easily revamp your office in a coordinated way. Desk sets are often cheaper and more time-efficient to shop for. While picking out every piece of office furniture might be time-consuming, desk sets are a one and done purchase.

There are many different styles and designs you can choose from when shopping for office furniture. You can even mix and match styles if you prefer! Some collections also include elements for the rest of your home, should you choose to keep a cohesive design.

Let’s look into different styles you can choose from to revamp your work area. Along with fantastic office furniture, we recommend setting up the right atmosphere in your home office. Keep reading for some of our tips on how to set up your work or study area for success with the perfect office furniture. We’ll give you some tips on how to decorate, as well!

Rustic and Industrial Designs

A gorgeous style that looks stunning in every room is the Industrial Style. Bold wood and metal accents create a very unique atmosphere, and it’s perfect for your office area. It’s important to complement your office furniture with the right atmosphere in the room.

If possible, try to maximize light in your work space. Working next to a source of light has immense benefits for your health. Have you ever noticed how a window seat at the office is always coveted? It is widely known that working next to a source of natural light is naturally invigorating and energizing. Similarly, little light exposure is linked to poor sleep. Moreover, light is linked to the release of serotonin, the happiness hormone. Our mood and productivity soar when we are exposed to sunlight, which can help make your work days more pleasurable.

Another way to visually brighten up your place is by adding an accent wall or detail. For example, green is said to represent harmony and restoration, evoking a sense of nature and balance. Green is perfect for those who spend long hours in the office, because it requires no harsh adjustment and it’s easy on the eyes. It also gives a sense of peace and calm, and it’s often used in medical offices for this very reason.

Check out our gorgeous Architect Collection for an array of industrial-style pieces. You can choose among a wide range of modern office furniture, ranging from single desks to sets.

Transitional and Versatile Styling

You can’t go wrong with transitional styling, as its versatile details complement any space with ease. Transitional styling takes the best of both modern and traditional designs without being too much of anything. This is the perfect choice for those who prefer uncomplicated yet contemporary office furniture to match the rest of their decor. While modern and traditional styles can be tiring after a while, transitional styling is fresh and versatile.

Available in multiple finishes and characterized by stunning tapered legs, the Somerset Collection is worth exploring. Choose an executive desk if you want an elegant and professional workstation that will serve you for many years to come. Alternatively, you could invest in a beautiful desk set, with additional storage solutions like cabinets and bookcases.

Complement the look of your room with a wonderful rug or wall art. The latter doesn’t just look beautiful, but it can have immense health benefits. Art, in all its forms, practically and subconsciously benefits our well-being. Work can be stressful, and long work shifts can get tedious. Art can take our stress away for a few minutes, restore our mental energy, and boost focus.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to thoughtfully decorate your office area. There are many artists selling gorgeous and very inexpensive art prints online. You can even explore local artists in your community and maybe find a unique piece for your office area.

Vintage Style Office Furniture

Whoever said vintage is a thing of the past? When skillfully paired with the right elements, a vintage-inspired collection can utterly transform your space. Have you had the chance to explore the captivating Bush Home Latitude Collection? This collection seamlessly harmonizes various styles, from rustic to modern, all the while capturing the essence of the industrial era with exposed steel legs, Aged Bronze accents, and metal handles.

Vintage office furniture, like the pieces from this exceptional collection, pairs exquisitely with photographs, books, and distinctive lamps. To infuse your office space with a vintage aesthetic, consider vintage-style bulbs and pendant lights. These lighting fixtures serve primarily for decorative purposes, casting a warm and subdued glow.

And if your workspace permits, why not introduce some greenery? A graceful ZZ plant, for instance, would grace a vintage desk beautifully, requiring minimal direct sunlight and sparing watering. Alternatively, you might opt for a low-maintenance snake plant or a pothos, ideal choices for office environments, especially for those new to plant care.

Moreover, you can enhance your home office area by adding a stylish rug. Not only does it complement your office furniture, but it also imparts a touch of coziness to the space. Rugs create an intimate, inviting atmosphere that makes your workspace all the more enjoyable. Choose one with warm colors that harmonize with your desk and storage solutions. You’ll find a wide array of options online, spanning from traditional to contemporary styles. Some rugs are even machine washable and thinner than traditional ones, making cleanup a breeze.

The Bush Home Latitude Collection provides you with the ideal platform to infuse your workspace with vintage charm, allowing you to craft an office that’s both nostalgic and functional.

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