Step Up Your Entryway with a Shoe Bench

Step Up Your Entryway with a Shoe Bench

There’s nothing like unlocking your front door and stepping into your home… unless you’re walking right into a pile of shoes. It doesn’t have to be that way. Turn your entryway into a beautiful space that feels inspiring with the addition of one simple piece: a shoe bench.

Designed for the entryway, but versatile enough for multiple rooms throughout your home, the shoe bench, or storage bench, will not only store your shoes away, but help protect them by keeping them out of the way of people or pets traipsing by the space. A shoe bench is a must-have for anyone furnishing their entryway or mudroom, whether you’re looking for storage, or just wanting to add a stylish piece to your space.

Read our guide to know every way a shoe bench steps up your entryway.

1. Keep your entryway organized

Tired of walking into clutter every time you get home? We get it. Coming home should be a relief, not an added source of stress. There are a few easy ways to keep your entryway organized to reduce some stress in your life. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can help. A shoe bench is one of those little things.

What is a shoe bench? It’s a multi-purpose furniture piece that works as entryway storage, as well as an entryway bench, depending on the model. The storage features can vary, from large drawers and open shelves to cubbies of different sizes, or a mix of all those options. It’s a must-have to store you and your family members’ footwear, as well as any outdoor apparel or pet accessories you like to keep by your door, from gloves and hats to dog leashes.

Go the extra mile and add storage baskets or canvas boxes on top of your shoe bench to organize all the small stuff. Add an umbrella holder next to your shoe box, hang coat hooks above it. The entryway is all about thinking about all the little things. It’ll make a big difference to your home.

2. Function meets style

Gone are the days where a wire rack or hanging shoe bag were placed or hung by the door for practical reasons only. If those work for you and your space, then that’s amazing. After all, there are ways to make any object stylish and fit in your home. With a shoe bench, the furniture does that work for you.

The best shoe benches are designed to blend function and style, coming in an array of chic and versatile finishes, including bright White Ash, coastal and subdued Cape Cod Grey, sumptuous Black Suede Oak, rustic Ash Brown, and more. These finishes are all timeless options made to mesh well with any home’s color palette, whether it’s painted in vivid and bold colors or more subtle tones.

Adding a shoe bench to your entryway or mudroom is a shortcut to style. It shows that you think about every detail in your home, including the smaller spaces.

3. Maximize your space

While some homes have enough space for a full mudroom with many storage cabinets, benches, and shelves, others might just have a small area by the door. A shoe bench makes the most of whatever space you have — all you need is a small area against a wall to dedicate to it.

Just like a larger hall tree, a shoe bench can also delineate your entrance from the rest of your home. It can even work in other rooms; you could have a shoe bench in your bedroom to store additional footwear, or tucked in your closet to store seasonal shoes or boots you’re not using regularly.

4. Best shoe benches for smaller spaces

The 24W Small Shoe Bench with Shelves would be a great fit in the entryways of smaller homes. It’s the ideal entryway organizer with its six built-in cubby spaces. Thanks to its durable bench surface that can support up to 250 pounds, this shoe bench can also offer a resting spot or a seat to slip your shoes on. Its transitional design blends contemporary and traditional styling to elevate a space. Part of our Woodland Collection, you could pair it with a hall tree if you do have a larger mudroom.

Another great option for smaller spaces is the 24W Small Shoe Bench with Drawer. Instead of featuring several smaller storage spaces, it is equipped with one large drawer to keep shoes or accessories away out of sight. By doing so, it’s a versatile piece that could easily be stored in other rooms than your entryway.

5. Best shoe benches for your comfort

The bench part of this furniture piece is sometimes overlooked, but not when it comes to the 40W Entryway Bench with Doors. The back of this shoe bench places comfort front and center, making the piece resemble more of a bench than others. It makes it easier to add colorful and soft pillows on top, setting a relaxing and cozy ambiance right at your doorstep. It has two cabinet doors with open storage space for everything from household supplies to apparel.

Another comfortable shoe bench is the 40W Storage Bench with Shelves and Wall Mounted Coat Rack. A narrow seat lip bordering the top surface makes decorating easy — add a soft, patterned throw or a long pillow. Six smaller cubbies can fit footwear and smaller items, while the two vertical cubbies on each side are perfect for taller boots, or dry umbrellas and handbags.

6. Complete your entryway storage

If you want to keep it sweet and simple, all you need is a stylish shoe bench. But if you want to improve it one or two steps further, there are a few furniture pieces we would recommend, especially if you want to create a full mudroom in your home.

Here are our essential entryway storage pieces:

  • Entryway storage cabinets: These cabinets come in many shapes, from tall and narrow, to small accent pieces. They’re designed to provide all the storage you need, wherever you set them up. They’d also be ideal in a laundry room for linen and assorted products, or in a bedroom if your clothes are spilling out of your dresser and could use the extra storage.
  • Hall trees and coat racks: Tall and stylish pieces that refine any entryway, hall trees boast a traditional elegance that will be noticed, plus they feature tons of storage for all your essentials. Wall-mounted coat racks can be hung over shoe benches if you don’t have the space for a full hall tree, but want to create the same impact.
  • Entryway sets: These sets take the mystery out of designing and styling a mudroom or larger entryway from scratch. They come with everything you need for a stylish entryway, including a hall tree, shoe bench, and storage cabinets available in sophisticated finishes.

7. How to build a shoe bench

Bush Home makes it easier for you than trying to build a DIY shoe bench that might go awry. Discover our range of trendy and practical storage and shoe benches. Each of our pieces for the home is carefully crafted and designed for your comfort. It can be hard to organize your life, but our home furniture makes it easier, while bringing beauty into every room. Plus, beyond entryway furniture, we have everything else you need to fill your home with pieces that will bring you and your family joy, while providing the practical purpose you need.

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