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Take Care of Your Posture with an L Shaped Standing Desk

Take Care of Your Posture with an L Shaped Standing Desk

Since early last year, most of us have become familiar with the feeling of discomfort associated with poor ergonomics at home. Sedentariness is not just harmful, but it can feel painful, too. Long-term back and neck pain, as well as a lower quality of life are associated with excessive sedentariness. How to make a change in your routine to feel more active and healthy? Choose an L shaped standing desk, and your back will thank you forever.

An L shaped standing desk differs from a regular L shaped desk in that you can adjust the height whenever you need. You can enjoy the flexibility of sitting down when needed, and standing up when you feel like it.

Furthermore, an L shaped standing desk can greatly help you in your fight against back pain. Even though you might decide to occasionally stand up instead of working while standing all the time, the impact this small shift in your routine can have on your body is immense.

Moreover, an L shaped standing desk can help you maximize space in your home and declutter. Albeit its very sizable shape, an L shaped standing desk can fit even in the smallest apartment. How, you might ask? Stick with us to learn some of the perks this wonderful workstation can bring into your life.

It’s Perfect for Any Home

Oftentimes, living in a small home means giving up certain comforts. And while some furniture is not small-apartment-friendly, an L shaped standing desk truly is! By implementing an easy trick, it can actually maximize space in your home with ease. And this applies to the tiniest homes, too.

If you place your L shaped standing desk in the corner of the room, you will free up tons of space in the center. This will allow you to use that space in any way you want, or simply keep it open and free.

Moreover, this simple trick can save you from battling clutter on a daily basis. When working from home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of files and things lying around. This is where your L shaped standing desk comes in handy. Forget about clutter with the help of your wonderful workstation thanks to its generous size and strategic disposition.

As mentioned before, an L shaped standing desk offers a much bigger work surface than many other desks. It allows for easy display of all your favorite work materials and decor, as well as built-in storage space. The practical drawers and hutches often included in an L shaped standing desk are extremely useful for small homes, using space vertically and avoiding more clutter.

Furthermore, you can always invest in a desk set or add a separate storage solution like a filing cabinet or a bookcase. The latter is perfect for decor, books, and even plants.

It Can Greatly Impact Your Health

As mentioned earlier, sedentariness can have incredibly harmful consequences on your body, health, and even mood and productivity. All around the world, people leading extremely sedentary lifestyles often suffer from a host of issues related to it.

Several studies show that sedentariness is linked with high blood pressure, obesity, and even shorter life expectancy. This is where your L shaped standing desk can serve as an ally to keep you more active throughout the day. If you love working while sitting down, don’t worry, there is no need to drastically change your routine completely. An L shaped standing desk is great in that it gives you flexibility and freedom to choose how to work.

Even breaking up those long hours with standing from time to time can have an incredible impact on your overall health and mood. We all know that staying more active leads to increased endorphins in the body. Why not fill two needs with one deed by standing while working?

Furthermore, the idea that you won’t be able to type as fast while standing is a myth. The speed at which you type should not be affected by standing, and your productivity levels will actually soar. Whereas sitting for prolonged hours can be tiresome and can lead to back pain, standing takes care of your posture.

Moreover, you can always elevate your daily routine to the next level by exercising during breaks. With all the free space you’ll gain with your L shaped standing desk, you’ll be able to workout or do a simple routine whenever you please.

If exercising too much isn’t your thing, there are many other interesting and mood-enhancing activities to consider. Meditation, for example, can have a centering and soothing effect, and who doesn’t need that during work?

You Will Have More Space to Decorate

Another amazing reason to invest in an L shaped standing desk is all the space you’ll gain to decorate. Thanks to the built-in storage, you’ll be able to store your files and work materials, all the while liberating space on the work surface itself.

You can use whatever section of your L shaped desk you normally don’t work on to display photographs and other decor items of your choice.

Art, for example, is a wonderful way to give color to your space. You can certainly hang some art prints or paintings around the room, as well as place some on your work surface. Art comes in many forms, and it doesn’t need to be necessarily expensive. Chances are, you can find local artists even in your community or little artisanal shops online.

Another great way to add color and vibrancy to your room is by choosing to add plants. Greenery has an incredibly invigorating and soothing feeling for the body and mind. Even certain hospitals and other institutions offer a green room for people to relax and take a few minutes to unwind.

Furthermore, you can decorate the rest of your room, like the area you freed up thanks to your desk. A beautiful rug, for example, can add a lot of vibrancy to your room. It’s also quite convenient because it can be easily moved or replaced when needed.

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