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The Best L-Shaped Desks for Your Home Office

The Best L-Shaped Desks for Your Home Office

Between work, family, and everything else that keeps you busy, furnishing your home office can seem like another impossible addition to your to-do list. Save time and headaches when you choose pieces that make it feel so easy by seamlessly providing everything you’re looking for, from style to function and affordability. Enter the L-shaped desk, the hero of your perfect home office.

The best L-shaped desks are designed to maximize your workspace. Tucked into a corner, they can serve as the ultimate space savers for smaller home offices, or, placed at the center of a room, they can dominate and define a space with style. From do-it-yourself L-shaped desks with easy installation to the best L-shaped desks for gaming, these home office pieces are built for doing your best work.

Top Reasons to Buy an L-Shaped Desk

The difference between a regular computer desk and the perfect L-shaped desk is all about the space you save. It’s the first reason to buy an L-shaped desk. While saving on space, they also provide plenty of it for your work. The additional work surface lets you spread out your computer, office supplies, books, and décor, without feeling too cluttered or constrained.

The second reason to buy an L-shaped desk is adaptability. Most models are easy to customize your way. You can decide on orientation, keep it as simple as you want, or upgrade with plenty of storage options. L-shaped desks also integrate to any room flawlessly, from basements and home offices to living rooms, lofts, or bedrooms.

Finally, L-shaped desks are the best home office desks for multi-taskers. They’re ideal for multiple monitors and multiple purposes. If you use your home office desk for work and play, you don’t have to re-configure your desk depending on your activity. You can just set up one surface for work, and keep the other side for your gaming, journaling, reading, note-taking, studying, or whatever else busies you beyond the 9 to 5. That’s especially helpful if you share your home office desk with other members of your family.

Read on to discover our selection of the best L-shaped desk for every home office.

Minimalist L-Shaped Desks for Small Spaces

As we mentioned earlier on, L-shaped desks are great for smaller home offices. Choose a desk that isn’t too bulky or large, like the L-shaped desk from our Broadview Collection with its thoughtful, space-saving design and slim, but sturdy, work surface.The 60W L Shaped Computer Desk with Storage can fit neatly in the corner of your home office, offering all the desk space you need, while saving on real estate. Its sleek and simple construction is easy to accessorize and decorate as you wish.

You can enjoy the same simplicity with the 60W Farmhouse L Shaped Desk — its modern farmhouse style will add a rustic touch to any workspace, while offering the function you need. Pair it with any piece from our Homestead Collection.

These are also great options if your workspace doubles as a play room or living room and all you need is a corner to get your work done.

L-Shaped Desks with Extra Storage

Are L-shaped desks good for storage? Bookworms and clutter bugs, rejoice, because it’s a definitive yes. Featuring a vertical storage cabinet, file drawer, and a hutch with open storage and large compartments, our 60W L Shaped Computer Desk with Hutch and Storage can fit everything, from your computer, to binders, books, and whatever else you need to get creative. A spacious L-shaped desk with a hutch is also ideal for the student in your life who needs school books close at hand.

For a touch of country charm, choose the 60W Farmhouse L Shaped Desk with Hutch and Storage Cabinets. Behind its stylish glass-door cabinets are adjustable shelves that make it easy to customize. Its open top shelf would look great lined with books, picture frames, or even potted plants. The desk is part of the Lennox Collection, which embraces a laid-back, coastal style for a more relaxed approach to decorating your home office.

You might prefer to conceal your storage and keep your desktop clean and clutter-free. The 60W L Shaped Desk with Storage boasts a top drawer and vertical storage cabinet at your side.

If you’re allergic to mess, the 60W L Shaped Computer Desk with Storage and Desktop Organizer does the organizing for you. It even has an accessory shelf for phone or tablet and small cubbies tailored for all your office supplies.

L-Shaped Standing Desks

Nothing helps the work flow like a little blood flow. It’s a fact: standing desks are good for you. They have been a gift for many remote workers, allowing a break from sedentary work throughout the day. Standing and stretching every few hours isn’t just good for your body – your mind also benefits from the change of position. A shift in posture can stir up new ideas.

If you’re a convert to the standing desk, the 72W 3 Position Sit to Stand L Shaped Desk lets you sit or stand at your own leisure. An adjustable desk surface invites you to rise up to the occasion whenever the urge kicks in. The convenience of an L-shaped desk meets the ergonomics of a standing desk.

For a standing desk with more storage, try the 60W 3 Position Sit to Stand L Shaped Desk with Hutch. This desk is part of our Cabot Collection, featuring an array of pieces that complement any style of living space.

L-Shaped Desks for Gaming

Level up all the gamers in your household when you switch to an L-shaped desk. While saving space, they’re also ideal for all the equipment required to win battles and explore new worlds. When shopping for a gaming desk, it’s important to keep surface area and good support in mind. Most of our L-shaped desks can support up to 200 pounds – that’s more than enough for a computer, monitors, and even action figurines from your favorite video game.

The best gaming desks should also feature ways to hide all the wires connecting keyboards, headphones, and any gear essential to gamers. The 72W L Shaped Desk with Storage has built-in wire management grommets to keep all those cables in order. Its pull-out keyboard tray is also a must-have for serious players.

For a more streamlined style, often preferred by gamers, go for the 60W L Shaped Desk with 30W Return and Mobile File Cabinet. The cabinet is ideal for storing all essentials after hours of play. Similarly simple in style, the 72W X 36D L Shaped Table Desk with Metal Legs offers tons of surface space for any gaming materials and tech. Part of our Hybrid Collection, it’s stylish enough for the home, but as sturdy as a commercial office desk, meaning that it’s built to last, no matter how many fights and quests you drag it through.

Most Stylish L-Shaped Desks

We’ve already shared the best L-shaped desks for size, storage, and gaming. But what about style? You won’t be wondering how to decorate a desk if the desk is doing the decorating. The 60W L Shaped Desk with Mid Back Tufted Office Chair is a great example. The desk’s timeless allure and wooden accents create a style that easily pairs with any home office’s décor, especially one with rustic elements. It’s part of one of our more elegant collections: Salinas.

For a more classic look, the L Shaped Desk with Drawers and Keyboard Tray stands out with its rich finish and antique detailing. It belongs in a sophisticated space furnished with beautiful home office pieces. Another bold piece is the 72 Bow Front L Shaped Desk. Unlike other desks mentioned, this piece’s bow front demands for it to be placed front and center in a room.

Complement an office space designed with contemporary pieces and colors. The 60W L Shaped Desk with Mid Back Leather Box Chair is all about clean lines and a palette that blends with any room. It even comes with a chair boasting a mid-century modern design for added flair.

Look to our nature-inspired Key West Collection for more L-shaped desks boasting stand-out style, like the 60W L Shaped Desk. Add lush plants to your desktop to liven up this desk’s more rustic side.

Where to Buy L-Shaped Desks

For more options, styles, and sizes, Bush Home offers all kinds of L-shaped desks built for doing your best work and best story-posting. All models include dimensions — make sure to measure your office space to choose the right size of computer desk for your home. Consult our home office desk buying guide if you need more ideas and tips for your workspace. Once you’ve found the perfect desk, browse our office furniture collections to shop for more home office pieces that make productivity a beautiful thing. Our collections curate pieces by style to make it easier for you to match the L-shaped desk of your choice with all your office furniture essentials.

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