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Three Reasons to Invest in an L Shaped Desk

Three Reasons to Invest in an L Shaped Desk

Working from the comfort of your home comes with a lot of benefits, no question about it. Not having to wake up excessively early in the morning to drive or commute to work is a load off for many people. But while the benefits might outweigh the negatives, it’s important to have the right workstation. One that ticks all the boxes is an L shaped desk.

Whether you choose a traditional corner desk or a sit and stand desk , an L shaped desk is a perfect workstation for so many reasons. The wide surface allows you to have all your work essentials at hand, and the often built-in storage is practical to keep your supplies at hand.

Moreover, an L shaped desk allows you not only to spread out work materials, but also decor, plants, and photographs. This can really make a difference even in the smallest office, because you’ll have enough surface space to put all your decor on. It will certainly add a touch of life to your office area and make it look more vibrant.

There’s more to an L shaped desk, however. It’s the perfect workstation for so many different reasons. For example, if you tend to get distracted you’ve started to work remotely, we’ve got you covered. Read along for our tips and tricks on how to use your L shaped desk in a clever way and gain focus and concentration during work.

Let’s look into some reasons why an L shaped desk is a great investment for your home.

You’ll Enjoy a Much Wider Workstation

An L shaped desk certainly stands out from other workstations for its unmatched wide surface. This allows you to spread out your materials with ease and have everything you need always at hand. It’s a fantastic feature especially for those who work with a lot of books and files on their desk.

Moreover, you can opt for a model with a hutch or desktop organizer so you can easily organize everything right on top of your desk. Although some models come with built-in drawers or keyboard trays, extra storage is always good to have. You can add a matching filing cabinet or bookcase for the ultimate coordinated effect.

Furthermore, an L shaped desk is a wonderful option for people who struggle with clutter in their home. Clutter has its way of taking over any room, especially when there are tons of materials and papers all over the place. The generous surface of an L shaped desk can put this problem to rest. You won’t feel the need to leave things around when you can place them on your huge L shaped desk.

This works especially well if you decide to place your L shaped desk in the corner of a room. And besides keeping your home clutter free, this might also make you more productive and enhance your workflow.

For the ultimate ergonomic touch, make sure to invest in an equally comfortable and practical office chair. It’s important that you work in a comfortable position and that your back and neck don’t feel stiff.

You’ll Gain Focus and Concentration

Working remotely can also sometimes feel distracting. While at the office, it’s easier to get inspired and work diligently all day. At home, it might be easy for your mind to wander off. You can prevent this from happening by placing your L shaped desk in the corner of your room.

Who doesn’t get distracted when working at home? Your private and professional life are both happening in one place, and it’s easy to lose track of our daily tasks and get distracted. Simply place your L shaped desk in the corner of a room or facing a wall to instantly transform your work area.

This is an easy trick that will help you gain concentration and focus while working. Facing a wall or a corner will allow you to work undisturbed, and you’ll have a private work area. Having your workstation separate from the rest of the room will also ensure the room is always organized and tidy.

Another great way to boost your productivity is by choosing adequate lighting. If you’re lucky enough to work in a bright room, make sure to optimize light by placing your L shaped desk next to a source of it. Too much brightness can be uncomfortable, however, so make sure to place your desk in such a way that sunlight doesn’t hit it directly.

You’ll Have More Space for Plants and Decor

Wider workstation equals more space for your favorite objects, and how can we not talk about decor? The mood and overall atmosphere of a room change completely with the right decor, plants, and lighting.

Make sure to have a good lamp if your office area is in a darker room, and, of course, maximize sunlight as much as possible. If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of sunlight, you can use your L shaped desk to display some beautiful plants!

There are many office-friendly plants that you can choose from. Whether you’re a plant parent or a beginner, there are so many different ones that would look absolutely stunning on your L shaped desk.

Have you ever heard of a ZZ plant? This beautiful plant tolerates low-light conditions and is quite easy to upkeep. It makes for an amazing office companion, and it would look absolutely stunning in a home office environment.

Alternatively, you could opt for any kind of peperomia or tradescantia, two very low maintenance and quite affordable plants. If you have big windows, you can plant your new green friends in hanging baskets. A trailing plant next to the window is always gorgeous!

Additionally, you could opt for a painting or any work of art. You can find many local artists selling their pieces online for affordable prices. Oftentimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money on decor to get a unique piece!

Whichever type of decor you choose, it would look beautiful on your L shaped desk. The wide surface of your desk will allow you to display anything you want easily and give you enough surface space to comfortably work on.

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