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Why Choose a U Shaped Sectional?

Why Choose a U Shaped Sectional?

With the arrival of the coldest months, it’s only natural to want to spend more time indoors. Since early last year, a lot of us have shifted to spending more and more time at home, especially during the colder seasons. One way to make your home more inviting and cozy is by investing in a U shaped sectional.

Cozy movie nights are always something to look forward to, and even more during the winter. There’s arguably no better way to set up your living room with a great TV stand and comfortable couch, is there? We’d love to give you some insight into why Bush Home U shaped sectionals are a great choice for your home.

We designed these sectionals with your family’s comfort in mind. While style and design are also among our priorities, we also want to make sure your family can enjoy our sectionals without the fear of staining or damaging them. There are many reasons to love our upholstery pieces. Let’s dive into all the reasons why a U shaped sectional is a great choice for your home.

Unbeatable Style and Functionality

Let’s face it: the living room is the space in your home that usually has the biggest impact on people. Whether someone is just walking in for a few minutes or staying for a relaxing dinner or movie night, the sense of warmth and coziness that one seeks in a living room is incomparable to any other room.

While not everyone has the privilege of living in a huge house, a U shaped Sectional can work for a variety of homes. The beautiful shapes and finishes available in our Stockton Collection are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. Highlighted by its clean and straight lines, this collection gives your home a modern touch and comfortable seating solution.

Our innovative StainGard(TM) fabric repels dirt, oil, water and other liquids to prevent unsightly blemishes . This is ideal for families with kids and pets — no more worrying about nasty stains, we’ve got you covered! You can feel free to enjoy your movie nights with snacks and beverages, knowing that your sectional will be spotless.

Similarly, the sectional feet are stylish and functional at the same time. The espresso-stained tapered square feet reflect an understated style that works well with modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional and industrial decor styles. You won’t have to worry about matching your sectional to the rest of your furniture, it will blend in effortlessly.

Versatility and Strategic Space Saving Qualities

A great feature of our new Stockton Collection is its versatility. The collection boasts a variety of couches and armchairs, but the generous choice of colors and fabrics allows you to match it with your existing furniture.

Oftentimes, buying a new piece of furniture can be problematic in that it might not match what you already have in your home. Not with Stockton: your end tables, coffee table, and TV stand will look gorgeous with the linear design of this collection and your choice of fabric.

There are different ways to position your U shaped sectional. While it’s undoubtedly a big piece of furniture, it can work even in smaller homes, should you position it strategically.

In a large living room, it looks best as the centerpiece. This way, your family and friends can enjoy relaxing nights in front of a movie or sports game, forgetting the worries of the week and unwinding. In a smaller place, you can maximize free space by tucking it in a corner. It’s the best way to utilize all available space and make the room look larger than it is.

Furthermore, you can complement your U shaped section with the help of different living room solutions for your needs. In a bigger home, solutions such as practical end tables and a coffee table can enrich your interior beautifully. Similarly, bookcases and TV stands are a great addition to the overall look of the room.

For smaller homes, there are space-saving solutions too. An ottoman, for example, can serve multiple purposes in a small space. You can use it as a footrest when watching a movie, and use the storage inside for blankets or any objects you’d like to keep out of sight.

Limitless Decor Options

A U shaped sectional is a great addition to your living room, and it gives you limitless decor options. Not only does it immediately make the space look comfy and cozy, but it works with a variety of styles.

If you’re just setting up a brand new living room or revamping your existing one, let’s start with the basics. The goal is to make this one of the most welcoming spaces in your home, and there are things to consider before getting started.

First off, make sure to calculate your available square footage and choose a sectional that fits in your space. As we mentioned earlier, even the smallest place can benefit from a U shaped sectional. This, however, doesn’t mean you should skip the measurement part. It’s important to read all the descriptions and measurements properly, so you don’t end up with a product that doesn’t fit into your room.

If you’re worried about shipping or fitting the sectional through your front door, don’t be. Our sectionals ship in practical boxes, so it won’t be an issue to bring it into your home.

Secondly, make sure to maximize natural light. A bright living room evokes calm and tranquility, and what is better than seeing the beautiful changes in weather, especially during the colder months? Natural light enriches any place, and it has the ability to energize you and enhance your mood.

Lastly, let’s decorate! A gorgeous rug, for example, will look beautiful in your living room. The unique shape of a U shaped sectional pairs nicely with a gorgeous rug of choice. It’s also very practical for any coffee tables or ottomans you might complement your space with; with the help of a rug, you won’t have to worry about the pieces moving and scratching the floor.

If you opt for bookcases in your living room, or any other practical surface, you can further decorate your place with the help of gorgeous plants. This is especially apt for rooms with a lot of natural light, but some plants also tolerate indirect light and darker environments.

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