10 Fall Entryway Decor Ideas

10 Fall Entryway Decor Ideas

With the colder months being finally at your door, you might be wondering how to make your home (and door!) more welcoming for the fall season. If you have entryway furniture such as a hall tree, a shoe bench, or a console table, then you can easily add a few decorations to your space by using your available surfaces for decorating. Thankfully, with the right entryway furniture, fall decor, and a few tips, you can set up your entryway up for the autumn season. Let’s jump right into it!

1. Less Is More

When it comes to entryway decor, there is a fine line between cozy and ostentatious. While dollar store decorations are easy and accessible, try to choose items that will transcend seasons and can be reused throughout the year. Avoid cliché decorations that will most likely be thrown out immediately after Halloween is over. It’s a much better investment for your home and the planet to buy something that can be reused and won’t end up in a landfill in a few weeks.

Fall is about nature, and the transition between summer and fall is one of the most gorgeous to witness. The changing color of the leaves, harvests, gorgeous nature –– these should inspire your decor choices. Opt for natural patterns, wreaths, rattan and wood elements, and leaf motifs.

2. Set the Mood with the Right Lighting

The entryway is the first room you see when you enter your home and also the room that gives your guests their first impression of your place. During fall, you can set a welcoming vibe in your entryway by adding some mood lighting. Warm colors like orange and warm yellow are great choices for light bulbs, but don’t forget about candles! They are a fantastic way to add a gorgeous glow to your entryway and very easy to set up. While they add a gorgeous light any time all year round, you can select fall scents that include notes of clove, pumpkin, marshmallow, and more to embrace the season.

3. Add a Lot of Greenery and Leaves

It’s hard to overstate how beautiful fall is. It’s when nature truly shows its captivating majesty and colors, and the entryway is the perfect place to bring a piece of that into your home. Choose leaves and natural textures to evoke nature’s beauty. Papier mâché, pampas grass, and beautiful autumn wreaths are a fantastic way to decorate your door, patio, and entryway. You could even collect a few pinecones from outside and use them as part of your fall decor.

4. Go Subtle

As we mentioned before, more is not always better, and if you’re going for a classic autumn look that can be reused each year, you may want to avoid often overdone Halloween decorations. Instead of investing in typical Halloween decor with painted jack-o’-lanterns and black cats, try to incorporate those fall colors — ranging from bright to more pastel nuances — in a more subtle way. A black candle, or small bat decorations are a cute option for entryway decor. But if you prefer functional elements, also consider adding an orange coat or sweater to hand in your entryway hall tree or black rubber rain boots. At the end of the day, those wardrobe items tend to stay close to the door, so it all adds to the atmosphere of your fall entryway decor.

Similarly, you can place a vase with orange flowers or pampas grass on your console table to add another touch of nature to your entryway while maintaining that same color scheme.

5. Change Your Pillow Covers

If you have a small entryway bench, you likely have some pillows on it to make it cozier. If you don’t, you can go add a fall themed one to your bench, but if you do, simply switch the cover to a warm autumn color. You don’t have to go overboard with the orange and black, or with fall motifs like leaves or pumpkins. A simple checkered pillow in warm tones ranging from yellow to orange and brown can be a subtle yet wonderful way to add a fall accent on your entryway bench. A few decorative pillows would also look great on a wide entryway set with a bench.

6. Go Big on Plaid… Or Stay Neutral

Plaid is a wonderful material that instantly adds warmth and texture to your entryway. You can add a gorgeous blanket or small rug to instantly cozy up your entryway. If you prefer to stay more neutral, go big on natural materials like wood, rattan, and wicker. Boucle is another material that screams fall like no other.

You can choose elements in weathered wood finishes to add a farmhouse entryway decor touch. A windowpane mirror in a light distressed wood option is a great choice of entryway decor to add not only a personal touch, but depth and brightness to the space — especially if the space is narrow.

7. Declutter While Decorating for Fall

We all have a blanket or two that are always out of place. While your favorite one might be good right where it is on your couch, grab a few of the ones you don’t regularly use and stash them in beautiful fall-themed baskets in your entryway. It’s a super easy way to add warmth and texture to your entryway while reorganizing and decluttering your living room. Win-win!

8. Add and Style a Chair

Not everyone has the space they need in an entryway. Even narrow console tables might seem big for certain entryways, but a chair will most likely fit. Take the chance to decorate it for the fall season with a blanket or some books. Add the final touch with a cute small lamp or a lit pumpkin, and your small entryway will have so much character!

Another option for a tiny entryway is a small wooden ladder — you can style it with layered blankets for a cozy look.

9. Decorate Both Sides of Your Door

This little hack is especially great for those who struggle with space. A great way to add some entryway decor to your space is by utilizing both sides of your front door. Use the exterior to hang a wreath or a small vase with fall foliage, and the interior to hang decorations and other items that convey a fall touch.

10. Use and Reuse

If sustainability and greener choices are something of interest to you, choose items with fall decor that you can keep using year-round. As mentioned before, materials like wicker, rattan, and boucle can be used the rest of the year if your home is set in neutral tones. Add more of these materials to make your home cozier and to keep enjoying them once the season is over.

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