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Upgrade Your Living Room Seating with Your New Favorite Sofa Collections

Upgrade Your Living Room Seating with Your New Favorite Sofa Collections

What is a sofa? It’s the place where you rest, read a book, spend time with your loved ones. It’s your little safe corner, it’s the place where life happens. So let it happen on a comfortable sofa that’s designed for real life with our incredible living room seating options.

To upgrade your living room with the perfect sofa, let’s look into some living room seating ideas together, starting with our different styles and collections.

Choose Your Living Room Seating According to Your Style

When choosing the perfect sofa for your home and family, it’s a good start to determine what style you want. With our four distinctive styles, we have a perfect option for any interior. We also have a ton of different sizes and shapes to meet your needs and to fit into your space. Let’s have a look.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-century modern style is rooted in the mid-20th century.

A distinguishing factor of this style is the curved design of the furniture. Historically, the design style was born thanks to designers and architects who wanted to invent and create items that blended the mass production and technology of the early 20th century with a positive, more optimistic vision of the future. 

Midcentury modern style is famous for its functionality, clean lines, and simplicity, which reflected the way of life during the 20th century. This style was also a revolutionary and defiant response to the frilly and ornament-laden styles of the decades before. Mid-century modern style was away for the families of that time to embrace a more modern, less wasteful way of living.

Unlike the modern style, mid-century modern style is not afraid to show retro details or make use of a bright accent color. Mid-century modern design emphasizes function over frills and ornaments and uses geometric shapes and lines as well as materials like teak, oak, and rosewood. However, it also encourages the use of materials such as glass, vinyl, and metal, and it is not afraid to throw a bold accent color in the mix.

Our mid-century modern sofa collection is Flare. In this collection, fashion meets function to offer a line of living room furnishings that reflect the upscale style of mid-century modern design. Enjoy a sleek appearance that’s defined by gently slanted arms and tapered square feet while multiple formats offer a solution for any space. The Flare Collection lends itself well to the mid-century modern decor style thanks to its geometric design and gently curved arms. If you’re trying to create a mid-century modern living room, then the Flare sofas and couches are the perfect choice to contribute to your vision.

Classic and Traditional Style

Traditional style is a popular decor style that is heavily influenced by European styles from the 18th and 19th centuries. Traditional style is timeless, comfortable, and well-put-together, but never ostentatious. Instead of eccentric or catchy objects that can feel heavy or tiresome after a season or two, this style employs pieces that will transcend generations and trends, remaining relevant and comforting years down the line.

True, the orderly aesthetic of traditional designs can feel boring and staid, but it’s predictable for a reason. Traditional design seeks to create a calm, orderly space, so furnishings will match; symmetry is important, and everything appears to blend together. Traditional design does not work with wild and chaotic elements.

Neutral colors tend to prevail in traditional interiors, but once again, this is another style that does not shy away from a good pop of color. Red, green, and brown accents are common, and a lot of darker shades of wood are used.

The traditional style has a lot of regal influence in its designs, and upholstery is no exception. Luckily, we have the perfect traditional living room seating arrangements for you! Hudson’s timeless traditional designs combine rolled arms and rounded bun feet for a sophisticated feel that works equally well in front of a TV or fireplace. It’s the perfect traditional collection to match your classic decor, as it is subtle and timeless at the same time. While the Hudson Collection is not loud or bold, it does offer unique design elements such as the rolled arms and rounded bun feet to create character in a way that is subtle and timeless. Hudson is the perfect choice if you’re choosing the traditional decor style for your living room.

Traditional French Country Style

Luxurious yet casual stylings, natural stone facades, chic rustic interiors, and distressed living room furniture characterize French country homes. For centuries, French provincial homes have inspired homebuilders and decorators alike, and they continue to inspire today’s farmhouse and shabby chic interior decorating trends. such, the Traditional French Country style remains and continues to grow in popularity.

French country homes look more subdued and lived-in than the ornate designs found in French architecture and interior design projects. They are inspired by the French countryside, specifically Provence (the reason why the style is often called provincial). French country homes are renown for their natural finishes and neutral color palettes, as opposed to the gilding and molding found in ostentatious homes in Paris.

The Coventry Collection’s rolled armrests, rounded bun feet and decorative nailhead trim convey a classic style that brings lasting appeal to your home, and it’s the perfect collection to match your French country home. Embellishments like the rounded bun feet and nailhead trim look great in French country decors because they offer the formal touch of French provincial style but in a subtle way. The choice of Herringbone or Microsuede fabrics also allows you to better achieve your desired decor. The texture of the Herringbone fabrics will contribute nicely to the more cozy, rustic vibes of French country style while the Microsuede fabrics offer the elegance and refinement of the French provincial style.

Modern and Transitional Style

The modern style, not to be confused with any contemporary style, is another gorgeous style perfect for your living room. This style takes its roots in Scandinavian countries in the 1920, and it operates by the principle “form follows function”.

The modern style often includes exposed structural beams, horizontal furnishings with clean lines, and an overall lack of fluff and over-the-top decor. It celebrates natural light and emphasizes vertical and horizontal lines, straying away from curves.

Modern style living room furniture often boasts materials such as unpainted wood, metal, natural fibers like rattan and jute, and leather. The color palette of the modern style tends to stray away from bright colors, though darker shades of green and blue could complement a modern living room beautifully.

Highlighted by its clean, straight lines, the Stockton Collection gives any living space a touch of modern style. Espresso-stained tapered square feet complement your choice of several Herringbone or Microsuede upholstery options for a look you’re sure to love. The Stockton Collection is simple and comfortable. The square feet and straight armrests contribute perfectly to the modern decor style. Stockton also offers many neutral fabric colors along with a few darker colors to help you create a modern look in your living room.

Choose Your Living Room Seating According to Your Needs

Once you’ve chosen your preferred style, it’s time to choose the perfect living room seating arrangement based on your needs and space availability. A good place to start is asking yourself “how many seats should I have in my living room?”

Now, this might give you an array of possible options, or limit you to a few, if you have a small space to work with. But it’s a great start to determine what size you want your upholstery arrangement to be.

If you have limited space availability, you can add an accent chair or a small loveseat to the room. If you have more space to work with, consider a bigger couch such as an L-shaped or U-shaped sectional.

The former is a perfect option for houses and apartments alike, as it can be used in a hybrid space as well as a separate living room. The shape of this sectional allows you to tuck it into a corner to maximize space, and you can play with different configurations to see how it fits your space.

The latter is a great option for larger homes and families, as it offers a whopping 8 to 10 seats to gather around the fireplace or to watch a movie. It’s a fantastic option to host movie night or have your closest friends and family members over to spend time in a cozy living room that will make everyone feel welcome.

Make Your Upholstered Living Room Seating Match Your Decor

Now that you know what we offer, choose decor elements and sofa according to your taste. If you have a neutral color palette, you can go with a sofa in a lighter shade to match it or choose a brighter color to make your upholstery pop. Our living room seating arrangements come in Herringbone and Microsuede fabrics to match any interior design style and to offer a choice of textures.

You can also complement the look of your living room by adding greenery and a few decorative touches to the space to make it truly unique and even cozier. If you’re lucky enough to have abundant light in your living room, you can add a gorgeous plant such as a fiddle leaf fig or a bird of paradise. While not requiring particularly overwhelming maintenance, these plants add a peaceful and sophisticated touch to any interior.

Another great idea is to add lots of texture to your living room, especially now that we’re entering the coldest months of the year. Choose rugs and blankets to match your upholstery and opt for brighter colors for a pop of color.

Whichever your style, make your living room truly yours with your new favorite upholstery collections. Your living room is a space where important moments happen. Love happens, mess happens, joy happens, life happens. Let it all happen on a comfortable sofa designed for real life.

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