12 Holiday Entryway Ideas for a Festive Mudroom

12 Holiday Entryway Ideas for a Festive Mudroom

Holiday decor doesn’t have to be confined to your living room or places where the family spends most of its time; you can welcome your friends and family with adorable winter decor as soon as they come into your home!

In this blog, we will be listing 12 simple and effective entryway ideas for a festive entryway or mudroom. Let’s get started!

1. Add Some Winter Greenery

Whether you celebrate a holiday over the winter season or not, it’s undeniable that the natural wonders of winter — evergreen trees, snowflakes, and icicles — are gorgeous. Spruce up your entryway with some small potted pine trees or garlands, and your guests will immediately feel like they’re in a winter fairytale!

2. Rustic Entryway Furniture

Depending on how large your entryway is, you may consider adding a practical storage solution to it to maximize space while gaining the opportunity to display more decor items.

With solutions like a storage bench, entryway bench, hall tree, or entryway cabinet, you’ll be able to enjoy extra storage room for your everyday items as well as additional space to continue decorating your entryway.

One of the best ways to decorate your entryway is by adding rustic decor and rustic entryway furniture. Rustic materials like distressed wood textures add a lived-in atmosphere to your place, perfectly evoking a cozy, family feel for the holidays. Barn signs, wooden objects, frames — all these entryway ideas would match your chosen piece of entryway furniture perfectly.

3. Small Entryway Ideas

Before we continue with entryway decorating ideas, let’s talk about space. Some apartments and homes don’t have the luxury of extensive entryway storage space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your entrance for the holidays!

A narrow bookcase or a small entryway bench can do so much for your entryway or mudroom. Choose lighter colors like white and beige to visually enlarge the space, and don’t forget decor! Holiday decorations such as twinkle lights or string lights, can add so much coziness to even the tiniest entryway or mudroom.

4. Icicles and Snowflakes

What evokes the winter holiday season more than frosty decorations like icicles and snowflakes? These beautiful accents and details can be put anywhere in your entryway, from the door to any surface you have. Add some on your entryway table or storage shelves, and even on the wall, and greet your guests with a dash of holiday magic when they walk through the door.

5. Decorative Baskets

If you invested in an entryway shoe storage bench or a mudroom bench, you may have some empty cubbies than can be used to both organize and decorate. One great way to add some texture to the place is by adding baskets to store blankets, pillows, and other items that might be overflowing in your living room and common spaces. It’s a win-win situation!

Remember: textiles add texture, so the more, the merrier!

6. Cozy Rugs

Another great way to add some holiday cheer to your entryway is by swapping your old entryway rug for a festive one. A small area rug or a runner rug can make a world of difference and add so much color and texture to the room!

If your style of choice is rustic, opt for natural fibers and colors such as rattan and jute for an evergreen look all year round. If you are more inclined to pursue a traditional style, choose a light rug that matches your entryway furniture to keep it classic and classy.

Pro tip: don’t be afraid to add some color in there! A dark green or cheery red will add a magical holiday feel and charm to your entryway in a matter of seconds.

7. Stairway Entryway Decor Ideas

If you have a stairway in your front entrance, then you’ll want to make the most of it to decorate. Don’t be fooled by the seeming lack of space, as your stairs can become a great asset when decorating your entryway!

Add some string lights as well as a leafy garland along the railing, and you will not only have a functional entryway, but a cheerful and inviting one too.

If you happen to have an open space beneath your stairwell, try placing a console table in the empty area. A console table can be used to store daily essentials such as keys, gloves, and shopping bags, and the surface can be used for seasonal decor.

Pro tip: in a narrow entryway, a great entryway decorating idea is adding some bright red shoes as a decor item. You might have a pair in your wardrobe already, so don’t be shy to display it: it adds to the holiday cheer while not compromising on space.

8. Recycle with Style

If you’re looking to shop for entryway decor or are looking at some entryway ideas and can’t find something that meets your budget, do not worry! There are plenty of ways to decorate while reusing something you might already have at home.

An old winter sled, for example, can serve as a wonderful decoration over your door. It adds a rustic and vintage touch and conveys a nostalgic holiday feel while being unpretentious. You can also try some DIY ideas like making snowflakes and ornaments out of scrap pieces of paper.

9. Prioritize Sustainability

Although the holiday season is here and the will to decorate your entryway and other spaces is growing day by day, opt for items that can serve a long-term and functional purpose. Traditional holiday decorations in red and green might feel bold for your home decor, and you may quickly get tired of them in your space.

And, of course, the last thing you want to buy is something that you’ll just get rid of after one season.

If you’d like to prioritize the environment during the holidays, opt for materials and decor that can be used all year round. Boho and minimalistic decor, for example, often puts forth natural fiber materials such as rattan, jute, bouclé, wood, cotton, and other materials that can be recycled. Think mirrors, rugs, macramé wall hangings, and other gorgeous decorations that can work in any seasonal decor setting.

To convey a holiday yet minimalistic look to your entryway with a bigger accent, add a gorgeous windowpane mirror and choose textures that evoke natural materials such as distressed wood. Paired with some greenery or winter flowers, this simple set up is both cozy and elegant, and you can simply swap small details like the flowers when the seasons change.

10. Add Gold and Silver Details

Whether you want to go all in or simply add small accents to your entryway, gold and silver definitely help create that holiday magic you’re going for. If you chose an entryway console table, you can add a simple golden or silver tray with some shiny ornaments.

Gold and silver pair well with a variety of colors, so you can choose the color that complements your existing decor to make it cohesive and coordinated.

11. Poinsettias and Branches

Taking care of a whole plant or tree over the holidays can be time-consuming, so consider adding small decorations made with  flowers or winter pine branches instead. You won’t have to water them, and they will add some holiday cheer to your entryway in the blink of an eye.

12. Snow Jars

Another easy DIY project for the holidays is making snow globes in mason jars. You can make your own, or you can buy some that have already been put together. If you make your own, opt for bottlebrush trees, small deer or elf decorations, and Epsom salts to convey the feeling of a snowfall. Just shake your jars before your guests come in and they will be greeted into a holiday winter wonderland!

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