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5 Holiday Living Room Ideas for Your Home

5 Holiday Living Room Ideas for Your Home

It’s the coldest time of the year in most of the country, making it the season of gathering around the fireplace with family and friends and a warm beverage in hand. What better way to do it than in the comfort of your own home? With our practical and functional holiday living room ideas, you’re sure to make a statement with whichever items you decide to use to spruce up your space.

Let’s look at different living room furniture solutions and how you can center your decor around them. Whichever style you choose — traditional, minimalist, farmhouse, or any other, including going overboard with adorable festive decor — our many living room solutions can serve as the perfect places to display your decor.

Start with the Perfect Living Room Seating

Sofas and couches are arguably the first pieces one thinks of when it comes to living room furniture, and for good reason. What is a living room without a comfortable couch to snuggle on and watch movies during the coldest months of the year?

We have an incredibly vast array of loveseats, L-shaped and U-shaped sectionals, chaise lounges, accent chairs, and more to choose from. Loveseats and chairs are perfect for small spaces, while an L-shaped sectional is great to effectively divide your space in an open-concept home or to use as a centerpiece in your living room. Moreover, L-shaped sectionals look unique depending on how you place and decorate them, For the holidays, throw some festive blankets on and switch up your pillow covers with some festive decor.

U-shaped sectionals, on the other hand, are perfect for extra large living rooms, as some of our models comfortably sit up to 9 people. Choose your favorite and gather with friends and family over the holidays, everyone is guaranteed to enjoy it!

Space-Saving and Compact Console Tables

Perfect for big and small homes alike, console tables are a wonderful living room furniture solution to add practicality to your space while gaining an extra surface for your decor.

During the festive season, a conveniently placed console table can easily become a small buffet for your guests. Alternate small plates with cake or appetizers with decorations such as small trees or ornaments. Alternatively, you can use the entire surface for larger decorations like a poinsettia or a nutcracker.

You can also use your console table to display pictures of your loved ones and your family, and spruce it up with icicles, string lights, or snow globes.

Furthermore, another reason to choose a console table as part of your living room furniture is the sheer versatility of it. Console tables tend to be narrower than many other tables and cabinets, making it an excellent choice for narrow corridors, entryways, small living rooms, and virtually any room in your home.

Moreover, our console tables with storage are even more spacious as they include drawers or shelves for even more storage and decor opportunities. Decorate yours with festive holiday decor in any room!

Gorgeous Electric Fireplace TV Stands

One truly staggering centerpiece to realize all your holiday living room ideas would surely be one of our electric fireplace TV stands. Choose this entertainment center to gather with friends and family over a great show or movie, or simply use the fireplace for ambiance.

The electric fireplace heats up to 1,000 square feet on cold winter days but can also work without the heat to create a cozy atmosphere on warmer days. The energy-efficient LED screen stays cool to the touch and features a realistic log fire, making this the piece perfect for gatherings and to create holiday cheer in your living room.

TV Stands are also a great storage and decor solution as they come with an ample surface to place any decor items on top — be it small wintery plants, design objects, or simple decorations — and additional shelves and cubbies for any media essentials.

Coffee Tables for Every Need

Small yet extremely practical, our coffee tables are sure to make a statement in your living room and serve multiple purposes at once.

To create a modern living room with a functional twist, opt for one of our lift top coffee tables to complement your existing living room furniture. Lift top coffee tables are perfect as a work-from-home solution for when you’d like to switch surroundings and do some light work or have a meeting in your living room. Simply lift the top of your coffee table and adjust it to your desired height, and you’re good to go!

There are plenty of living room decor ideas you can indulge in with any of our coffee tables. Use the surface to place a decorative vase or brighten it up with a festive table runner. Alternatively, you can place a golden or silver tray with pinecones, extra ornaments, or candles.

Moreover, we have a vast selection of coffee tables with storage. The additional shelving present in these models is ideal for magazines, remotes, and extra holiday decor, of course! Spruce it up with pine branches or other season decor items for a touch of extra coziness.

Lastly, if you like rustic and farmhouse decor, our Salinas, Key West, and Homestead collections are the perfect choice for a farmhouse coffee table for your living room. Explore the many styles we have to find the perfect one for your living room and decorate it with seasonal decor you can easily switch up at the end of the season.

Living Room Ideas with Occasional Tables

Decorating your living room has never been easier with one of our many occasional tables: whether you’re looking for a sofa table, a pair of end tables or an accent table for your living room, we’ve got you covered!

A sofa table or end tables are perfect as a small storage and decor station right where you need it most in your living room: close to your cozy sofa. They can hold remotes, magazines, mugs, frames, and any other small decoration you might want to add to your living room. If you choose a pair of end tables, you could match the decor on each side to make it look more symmetrical and cohesive.

Similarly, an accent table is a great way to add some character to the room without making any dramatic changes. Choose one that complements the rest of your living room decor and repurpose it in any other room of your home if needed.

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