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3 Reasons to Shop for an Upholstered Couch or Sofa from Bush Furniture

3 Reasons to Shop for an Upholstered Couch or Sofa from Bush Furniture

By now you may have heard that we launched a brand-new upholstery line in early 2022. Over the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of revealing the different styles and collections we have available. Our goal has always been to provide you and your family with safe, stylish, and reliable furniture for your entire home, and we’re now one step closer thanks to our comprehensive line of upholstered couches and sofas.

So, why should you choose our sofas for your living room? We’re glad you asked! Without a doubt, our sofas are stylish and comfortable, but we have a few unique reasons as to why you should choose Bush Furniture upholstery for your family.

First, is of course the multitude of choices we offer. Not only do we have different sofa styles, we also have a wide variety of sizes and configurations that can fit into any small apartment or large family home. Second, our fabrics are stain-resistant! Our sofas were designed with your family and pets in mind. And third, our couches are packaged for smooth delivery into your home, and once inside, they are quick and easy to assemble.

Let’s dive deeper into the amazing benefits of our upholstery line.

# 1. An Incredible Array of Couch Sizes and Configurations

The first reason why an upholstered couch or sofa by Bush Furniture is the perfect choice for your home is because our couches are made for every and any home, from the smallest to the biggest.

We are proud to offer sofas in many sizes to help you find the perfect sofa for your space. If you live in a small apartment or studio and need a compact but comfortable sofa, we have options starting at 61 inches wide. If you’ve found your forever home and have a large living room for entertaining, we offer sectional sofas going up to 137 inches wide. We truly have a size option for any home. We also have a variety of couch and sectional formats and configurations to choose from! Let’s explore some of those options.


If you’re working with limited space availability, a small, upholstered couch such as a loveseat could be a great addition to your room. Comfortably seating two people, this compact upholstered couch is great for those who live in small apartments or have a small living room.

Additionally, loveseats are a great option for home offices and bedrooms, as they add an extra seating solution for reading, watching TV, or relaxing. For example, if you work from home, you can add a small loveseat to your home office to seat your guests whenever they visit you. Additionally, if you have a large master bedroom, you may want to set up a cozy reading nook with a loveseat to lounge on when diving into your next book.

2- or 3-Seat Couches

The average homeowner may want a simple 2- or 3-seat sofa for their living room. We’re happy to offer these options as well. Our 2-seat sofas are slightly wider than our loveseats and can comfortably accommodate 2 people for your next movie night. We also have a 3-seat couch ideal for roommates or small families.

Accent Chairs and Chaise Lounges

Who said an upholstered couch is the only option? At Bush Furniture, we have many designs in our arsenal, including accent chairs and chaise lounges, perfect both for the living room and any other relaxation space in your home.

These chairs are beautiful complements in any living room, master bedroom, home office or family room. Sometimes it’s nice to have a single seat to rest in and drink your coffee while reading a good book or watching a new TV show.

Sectional Sofas

If space isn’t an issue, the best option for your living room might be an upholstered sectional couch. We have so many sizes available, ranging from a simple 3-seat sectional with chaise lounge to huge 11-seat sectionals.

Moreover, sectionals are the perfect way to give your home a unique touch. With various singular configurations, our sofas will transform your living room into a one-of-a-kind interior space.

Lastly, sectionals are also perfect for apartments where kitchen and living room spaces are merged. A sectional upholstered couch can be used to effectively separate the space in an original and unique way which brings a lot of functionality to your home.


We know how important it is for some people to be able to rest their feet when unwinding after a long day. That’s why we made sure to add complementary ottomans to our upholstery line. What’s more, they can also be sued for storage! Rest your feet and store your blankets with ease thanks to a wonderful storage ottoman that will match your couch, look gorgeous, and organize your home.

Our ottomans come in various styles and colors, just like the rest of our upholstery line… It may be fun to mix and match fabrics and add a pop of color to the room with your ottoman!

And there you have it! A multitude of choice lies before you to help you choose the perfect couch for your home and family. Our sofas come in various sizes to accommodate new beginnings. So, whether you’re living in a small space or your family is growing, rest assured that our upholstery line is designed to adapt to real life.

# 2. Worry-Free Movie Nights and Family Time with StainGard™ Fabrics

Let’s face it, movie nights with kids and pets often end in messes, stains, and maybe even irreparable damage to your upholstery. Not with Bush Furniture! Our durable and reliable StainGard™ fabrics allow you to enjoy worry-free family time.

Our StainGard™ sofa fabrics resist messes of all kinds. We know that accidents happen. That’s why our kid- and pet-friendly fabrics repel dirt, oil, water, and other liquids to prevent unsightly blemishes. You can rest easy knowing your couch will continue to look like new after each mess. Bush Furniture upholstery is designed to withstand real life.

Wondering how to clean our upholstery fabrics? First, know that it’s best to vacuum your sofa cushions regularly with a soft brush attachment. You’ll want to avoid using brushes with tough bristles that may damage the upholstery fibers. If something falls or spills on your sofa, you can easily clean it following these simple instructions:

  • Before you start using a cleaner on your couch, choose a small hidden section of fabric to test your cleaner and see if it causes any color loss.
  • To spot clean, use a clean, undyed cloth dampened with a mild fabric cleaner.
  • Then, to prevent rings, blot from the outside toward the center of the soiled area without scrubbing.
  • Do not put cushion cores or fabric covers in the washing machine or dryer.

For a full fabric sofa cleaning guide, please consult our instructive video. Did you know that our upholstered couches and sofas come in a variety of colors and stain-resistant fabrics? You can choose between Microsuede and Herringbone fabrics and a plethora of colors to match your interior or add a pop of color or brightness to your space. Rest assured that both our Herringbone and Microsuede fabrics are stain resistant.

For a textured, easy-to clean look, we recommend our Herringbone fabric couches. They are ideal for busy families who spend a lot of time in the living room. While our Microsuede couches are equally designed for family-use, some colors may require a bit more maintenance to keep that smooth, creamy look. Nevertheless, both options are bound to look good in any decor.

#3. Convenient Packaging and Easy Assembly

Have you ever had to carry a huge sofa up a set of stairs or tried to squeeze one through a narrow doorway? No more of that. Our sofas are packaged for real and come in convenient boxes to make it easy to carry inside and assemble your sofa wherever it’s needed. Who wants to go up the stairs with a 131-inch-wide sofa? No one, and those were our thoughts exactly.

Our conveniently packaged small boxes also allow us to ship your order faster, so you don’t have to wait for weeks to receive your new upholstered couch.

Plus, the assembly process is very easy, so no need to worry there. It hardly takes any time at all to put your new sofa together, and you can enjoy it soon after getting it. Bear in mind, though, that cushions take a few days to fully expand. So long as you follow your assembly instructions, you’ll be able to enjoy your new sofa in no time.

By now we’re thinking you must be convinced that Bush Furniture sofas are the way to go! So, let’s not waste any more time and let’s get your browsing started! Happy shopping!

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