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5 Best Filing Cabinets for Your Home

5 Best Filing Cabinets for Your Home

Bigger and smaller homes have one thing in common: they could always use a little more storage space. As we spend more and more time at home, things start to accumulate, and it’s important to find ways to keep our home neat and organized. How, you might ask? With the help of filing cabinets, lateral file cabinets, and other home office furniture!

Don’t you just hate it when your belongings are scattered around the house? Isn’t it much better and faster to have everything organized and put exactly in its space?

A great way to make the most of your free space while storing your items in an organized manner is investing in filing cabinets. With the help of practical drawers, filing cabinets are a home office furniture storage solution perfect to reorganize your space.

Our filing cabinets come in different forms, from mobile file cabinets to lateral file cabinets. We also have an extensive line of desk sets and different home office furniture storage solutions to choose from. Let’s look together into some of the filing cabinets you can choose from for your home.

Mobile File Cabinets

First in line are our wonderful mobile file cabinets. This home office furniture storage solution is perfect for those who work from home and need extra drawers and storage space for their files and supplies. While all filing cabinets can help save space, mobile file cabinets are a great home office furniture solution in that they can be conveniently rolled under the desk and can also be easily repositioned around the room.

Mobile file cabinets are the perfect home office furniture addition to your desk. Especially palatable for those who work with a lot of materials, mobile file cabinets allow extra storage in the form of practical drawers for all your small office supplies and documents. This home office furniture solution is fantastic for anyone working remotely.

What’s great about mobile file cabinets is that they allow for extra storage while not requiring extra space in the room. You can place most mobile file cabinets under the desk, utilizing space that would be left idle. The spacious drawers give you plenty of storage space for all your files and work essentials without compromising free space in the rest of the room.

Mobile file cabinets can also be used in different rooms of your home. You can never have too much storage, right? If you’re lacking storage space in a different area of your home, you can simply roll your mobile file cabinet to a different room and enjoy this practical home office furniture storage solution wherever drawers and storage space are most needed.

Mobile file cabinets work well in any room, but they are most useful in an office setting where you want to store your files and work-related materials. Let’s look into other types of filing cabinets and home office furniture you may find useful for your space.

Lateral File Cabinets

Another type of filing cabinet for your office or any other room is a lateral file cabinet. Unlike other types of filing cabinets, lateral file cabinets are extremely versatile and can really be used as a normal storage solution in any room.

Even though some lateral file cabinets come in a desk set or are often paired with other home office furniture from the same collection, the practical drawers they offer can find a use in any room of your home. And because they look like any other type of filing cabinets, lateral file cabinets can really look great in any area of your home.

In a home office, lateral file cabinets are great to store office supplies, files, and other small objects. In a living room setting, later file cabinets can serve as a small and compact storage solution to store magazines, small blankets, or even snacks.

Alternatively, lateral file cabinets are also a great way to embellish and liven up an idle spot in your home. Most homes have an empty hallway, or an idle spot that could use some decorations. With the help of lateral file cabinets, you can turn those spots into a practical corner for your belongings, and you can also use the surface to decorate!

The large and sturdy surface of our lateral file cabinets allows for limitless decor possibilities. Use it to display pictures, designed objects, frames, and even plants, and you’ll make an idle spot into a functional and aesthetically pleasing one. You can also use the drawers to store any belongings you don’t have space for in other areas of your home.

Desk Sets

If space is not an issue, investing in a home office furniture desk set is an amazing decision. Desk sets don’t just offer practical solutions in home office furniture, they are also cheaper and much easier to shop for. Why waste time trying to color-coordinate everything, find elements that work with each other, when you can simply invest in a desk set and call it a day?

Most desk sets come with filing cabinets included in the set, typically one or two. This could mean either lateral file cabinets or mobile filing cabinets. Along with your choice of desk, you’ll also have plenty of space for storage thanks to the often included filing cabinets.

While some desks already come with built-in drawers and other storage space, filing cabinets can really complete the look of your home office by offering you enough space to store everything and let you work in peace without any distractions. Forget having to get up and look for where you left your files and other office supplies: thanks to your filing cabinets, you’ll be able to store everything neatly and have your office area organized at all times.

As far as home office furniture goes, desk sets are the most comprehensive way to secure you have the right furniture for your remote work. While our commercial grade lines include materials that are meant to sustain a full workload of over 40 hours a week, our home office furniture is designed to easily resist scratch in light, residential use.

With a desk set, you’ll both secure yourself a wonderful desk and additional home office furniture elements such as filing cabinets, lateral file cabinets, and bookcases.

Alternative Lateral File Cabinets

Sometimes, space is just not enough! And for those who tend to work with a lot of materials, it can be difficult to store everything even in a home office furniture solution like regular filing cabinets with drawers.

It goes without saying that we thought about this too! Our lateral file cabinets with hutch and drawers, for example, are a great solution to this problem.

While bookcases offer wide open shelving, a lateral file cabinet with hutch offers roughly the same amount of space as a big bookcase, but they also grant you extra privacy. While bookcases offer open shelving, a lateral file cabinet with hutch offers concealed storage to store your belongings without showcasing them to anyone entering the room. This makes for a more private and elegant home office furniture storage solution for your home office area or any other room in your home.

With the help of the practical drawers at the bottom, you can store your choice of personal belonging with ease. The ball-bearing mechanism present in most of our models ensures you are not opening all drawers at the same time, providing extra stability to your home office furniture storage solution.

Lateral file cabinets with hutch are very practical and can serve in a variety of settings. You can even place yours in the entryway, adding a practical storage solution in a space where clutter often accumulates, making it difficult to find everything you need at the right time.

Alternative and Hybrid Filing Cabinets

Another type of filing cabinet we offer are hybrid models that merge open shelving and lateral file cabinets. This home office furniture solution is fantastic to both help you store your items in drawers and decorate the space with taste.

Unlike traditional lateral file cabinets, hybrid filing cabinets are a home office furniture solution that gives you the best of both worlds, both the perks of filing cabinets and bookcases at once.

Thanks to the practical drawers, you can store your papers and other items you wish to keep out of sight. The open shelving, on the other hand, is useful to display objects you’d like to showcase, such as vases, books, and candles.

Lateral file cabinets usually boast a generous surface, and this feature is something you can find in hybrid filing cabinets as well. The open shelving doesn’t obscure the surface of the drawers, so you can easily use that surface to place your bigger and heavier decorations on top.

Plants are a great way to decorate the surface of hybrid lateral file cabinets. Our filing cabinets are durable and sturdy, allowing you to place your plants on the surface in all safety.

Plants look great next to home office furniture, as they convey a sense of peace and tranquility while you work. Choose a pothos or various forms of cacti for an uncomplicated decoration that will add a touch of liveliness to your filing cabinets and home office furniture.

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