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5 Home Office Furniture Sets for Small Spaces

5 Home Office Furniture Sets for Small Spaces

Now that most people are working from home, it’s even more important to invest in a great computer desk and chair set. Home office furniture has become a hot market in the past two years, given that most people have shifted to remote, or at least hybrid, work schedules. However, sometimes the need to buy a desk and chair set is met with lack of time. This is where a practical home office furniture desk set can come in handy.

Why spend time and money looking for a desk and chair separately when you can have everything already included in a desk set? A desk set is practical, economical, and always thoughtfully coordinated. Let’s look into some of the reasons why you should invest in a computer desk and chair set, along with some of our most iconic collections to pick from. We will be putting a special focus on home office furniture sets designed for small spaces to best reflect your new work-from-home reality.

Why Shop Online for a Desk Set?

Shopping online for home office furniture is a great way to score the best deals. While many people like shopping in store, there are a plethora of reasons why shopping for a desk and chair set online is much better. Here’s why.

Firstly, you can forget the pain of having to drive somewhere and wasting precious time on the road to pick out your home office furniture. When shopping online, you can get your desk and chair set from the comfort of your home, without wasting any time.

Secondly, you can forget sensory overload. Don’t you just hate it when you are shopping, and you feel bombarded with different options? In store, narrowing down your search can be hard. Everything is right there, and it’s normal to get overwhelmed and spend time checking out options that wouldn’t be fitting for you. When shopping for home office furniture online, you can conveniently choose which categories you want to browse.

This will allow you to narrow your search down significantly and avoid wasting time checking out products you don’t need. Whether you’re interested in a corner desk with chair, office desk set, computer desk and chair set, or a simple desk set, you can find anything in their respective categories.

Furthermore, it’s even cheaper to shop online for home office furniture! All our products come with free shipping, so you can expect to get your items conveniently shipped to your doorstep, without having to drive to a store and back to get them.

What Desk Set Should I Invest in for My Home Office?

Home office furniture has become a hot topic recently, and for good reason. So many people are working from home these days, and a great desk is definitely something one absolutely needs to tackle a long workday in front of the computer.

How to choose the right one for your space, especially if free space at home is limited? Let’s explore some options.

As mentioned earlier, a desk set is a great investment as far as home office furniture goes. A desk and chair set is the perfect solution for most remote workers, and it offers two coordinated items at a much more reasonable price than combining two single items.

Choose a corner desk with chair to instantly free up space in your home by using that often-forgotten spot in the corner of the room. By optimizing space with a corner desk and chair, you can save space anywhere else in the room, creating a small corner where you can work undisturbed.

Similarly, a small computer desk and chair set is a fantastic option for your home office. There are so many collections and options to choose from! Let’s dive deeper into some options you have.

1. Choose A Desk and Chair Set for Small Space

A fantastic option for smaller spaces is an office desk set with desk and chair. These two essentials are fundamental for anyone working at home, and there are so many different collections to choose from! We have a vast array of home office furniture styles for you to indulge in, from farmhouse to modern.

For cozy farmhouse home office furniture, check out the beautiful Key West Collection. You can choose a practical office desk set with a desk and a chair to ensure you have support during long work shifts. Choose from a variety of finishes and options with built-in storage to find the desk set most suitable for your space.

Another incredible home office furniture collection to shop for is Saratoga. This is a traditional collection offering executive desks to grant your small space a touch of elegance and professionalism. Executive desks look great in any environment, as they convey a sense of sophisticated elegance.

Choose a practical office desk set with a desk and chair for a simple yet elegant and professional solution for your home. You can also add a filing cabinet or a bookcase, should you need more storage space for your files and small office supplies.

2. Opt for a Corner Desk with Chair

Another home office furniture desk set to look for is a corner desk with chair. Corner desks are wonderful for small spaces, because the shape of desk allows you to conveniently tuck it into a corner and free up a considerable amount of space in the rest of the room.

Cabot is a collection we are very fond of. It’s a simple yet elegant collection for the modern professional, and it’s very easy to coordinate with your existing decor and style.

A corner desk with chair instantly creates a home office corner in which you can comfortably work. It’s a simple yet reliable office desk set that you can place anywhere in your home. While a separate home office is something a lot of people enjoy, not everyone has the space necessary. A desk set with a corner desk can help you organize everything neatly even if your workspace is in another room.

From the entryway to the living room, a desk set with a corner desk can fit pretty much anywhere. It’s a home office furniture solution apt for any space in your home, as it can be placed in the corner for space optimization.

Furthermore, this desk set a fantastic way to declutter your work area. Don’t you just hate it when your work area gets cluttered and full of items that should be in their respective place? A corner desk is compact, but it also gives you plenty of space to have all your work belongings neatly organized. When you position your corner desk with chair in the corner of the room, you visually detach your workstation from the rest of the space, which helps keep clutter at bay.

3. Choose a Desk with Hutch

Would you like a desk set without actually investing in a desk set? Try a desk with hutch. This is a great solution for those who are really tight for space, as a hutch is effectively a storage solution, but it doesn’t really take up any more space in your room than a regular desk.

How? For starters, a hutch utilizes the space above your desk, which is often left idle or used for mere decorations, like prints or paintings. A desk with hutch is a great alternative to a desk set because it gives you enough space to store all your essentials in a neat and organized manner without really using more space than you are ready to give up.

A desk with hutch is wonderful to use for storage, because not only will your files and small supplies be neatly organized, but they will also be readily available to you at any time. Why waste any time getting up to get your work essentials when you can have them above your desk?

Furthermore, a desk with hutch is a great option if you like decorating and personalizing your office area. You can use the various compartments for storage, but also use some of the shelves and cubbies present in some models for decor and small items.

The space in your hutch can be used for decorations such as small design objects, beautiful books and manuals you’d like to showcase, and even small plants. Just make sure your desk with hutch is positioned in a spot that gets some sunlight throughout the day, as even plants that prefer indirect light do much better when they receive constant light throughout the day, even if it’s not too bright.

4. Commercial Home Office Furniture for Offices and Small Spaces

Another amazing option for both commercial spaces and home offices alike is the Studio C Collection by Bush Business Furniture. Modern and popular designs meet fresh finishes in this contemporary commercial office furniture collection.

While Bush Home is designed to be scratch-resistant for light duty, residential use, our commercial home office furniture goes a step further. Our Bush Business Furniture pieces are capable of withstanding a work week of over 40 hours thanks to their thermally fused melamine surfaces.

If you’re working with a small space and would like to make the most of it, a cubicle desk is a great investment. It is a fantastic idea for a commercial space because it grants both a practical surface to work on and privacy during your shift.

Cubicles are especially great in a small office or commercial space, where people work tightly together and need to share the same room all day. However, people working at home can also benefit from a cubicle desk, especially in a small apartment. The shape of this desk allows you to conveniently tuck it into the corner of the room, making space in the center and saving precious square footage you can use for other purposes.

You can opt for a practical office desk set with a cubicle desk and mobile file cabinet for your files and other small supplies. Similarly, you can invest in a computer desk and chair set with built-in storage for your office supplies. Choosing a desk that offers you privacy in your home is a great way to stay focused.

5. Invest in a Desk Set with Additional Storage Solutions

If you have a lot of office accessories and paperwork, there are desk set options for you as well. Besides the aforementioned sets, you can also get a desk set with additional storage.

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to give up possibilities for storage. Even those who can’t afford to waste a lot of precious square footage for a desk set can have a solution that will grant them space to store their essentials. Let’s see how a desk set with additional storage can add to your place.

A home office furniture desk set with storage is a perfect solution for you if you tend to have a lot of files and work materials at your desk. It will help you liberate much needed space and organize your files efficiently. Plus, you can always reuse your storage solutions for other purposes!

A desk set with storage usually includes a filing cabinet or a bookcase, which are both fantastic solutions for your home office and the rest of your home. A filing cabinet or storage cabinet can easily be placed in any room of the house, and it is even more palatable for smaller spaces thanks to its versatility. Many of our mobile file cabinets can slide under the desks from the same collection, and our lateral file cabinets are often the same height as the desks from the same collection, allowing you to place them side by side and extend your work surface.

Similarly, a bookcase can be a great addition to any space, as it’s a wonderful piece to decorate and organize your favorite belongings. Use it for books, magazines, decorative trinkets, or even plants.

Some plants that don’t require much maintenance but still add style and uniqueness to your space would be various types of cacti. They don’t require much time and effort, but they would look so lovely in your home office area. Now that you know about or desk sets, are you ready to choose yours? Shop now!

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