5 Ways a Hall Tree Enhances your Home

5 Ways a Hall Tree Enhances your Home

There are a few rooms in your home that define it: the living room where friends and family gather, the kitchen where warm meals are prepared with love, and the bedroom where rest and relaxation take center stage.

There are many other spaces in your house that could steal some of that spotlight, with little time or effort, including your entryway or mudroom. How you decorate and furnish it will determine how you, your family, and any guest will feel when they step into your home. A cluttered space does not make the best impression. Also, it could often make you feel anxious, rather than relieved, when coming back home.

That being said, it’s not always easy to keep that room organized. Kids run in the house, tired grown-ups kick off shoes in a corner, coats are quickly discarded, dirt and dust are carried in. Life happens, and it often happens on your way in or out of the house.

Lucky for you, there is one piece of home furniture that will help change all that: a hall tree. What is a hall tree? It’s an all-in-one home furniture piece: part storage solution and part mudroom or entryway bench. It usually features coat hooks, a bench, and cubby shelves or drawers — everything you need to keep your entryway or mudroom organized.

Here are 5 ways a hall tree can enhance your home.

1. It offers all the storage you need

Forget piles of shoes, sandals, and boots, pet toys, or sports equipment. All of the usual suspects responsible for the worst clutter in your entryway can be neatly stored thanks to your hall tree.

Even if you have a closet in your entryway or mudroom, you could use the coat hooks of the hall tree to hang up your most-often used coat or jacket, depending on the season. It’ll also be more convenient for those family members who always need a reminder to hang up their coats, instead of draping them over chairs or stairs. Coat hooks are also useful for hats, scarves, dog leashes, and other accessories that you often quickly grab on your way out.

Most of our hall trees also feature lots of storage space, even smaller ones like the 24W Hall Tree and Small Shoe Bench with Drawer has a large drawer that can keep all your outdoor accessories and top open shelves for smaller items like keys, mail, or décor. Larger pieces like the Entryway Storage Set with 48W Hall Tree and Shoe Bench boast enough space to hold footwear, gloves and more.

You could even add stylish baskets to the cubbies and shelves to organize smaller items neatly. A hall tree will solve so many of your organization problems in the entryway or mudroom.

2. It brings comfort to your entrance

The storage side of the hall tree might be the main draw, but don’t underestimate the shoe bench part of the hall tree.

Sometimes, the entryway isn’t only a mess of things, but of people bumping elbows on their way out. A shoe bench offers up a seat to slip on shoes comfortably and out of the way. It can also provide a space to sit and relax before heading out, or while waiting for other members of your family to get ready and go.

Make the space cozier by adding a soft pillow or two to the bench and placing a patterned rug or runner in front of it. It’s an easy way of making anyone entering your residence immediately feel comfortable and at home.

3. It can size up a compact space

Smaller and more compact homes don’t always come with a dedicated entryway or mudroom. That means that discarded footwear and apparel spill over to living spaces, carrying the mess over to other rooms in your home.

If you don’t have a closet by your entrance door or a dedicated room, adding a hall tree automatically creates that space for you. The hall tree becomes the separation between your entrance door and the rest of the space, transforming that area into a mini entryway. It serves the function of a closet without taking up the same amount of space.

In short, if you think you don’t have the space for an entryroom or mudroom, just add a hall tree by your door and let yourself be surprised by the immediate change it’ll bring to your home.

4. It’s great for décor

How to decorate a hall tree should be a walk in the park if you choose the right piece.

Many of our best hall trees, shoe benches, and coat racks are part of our Woodland Collection. The pieces of this collection are designed to bring warmth and beauty to your entryway. Their blend of contemporary and modern styling, available in three attractive finishes, are bound to create a welcoming area for all. You could shop by piece or opt for one of the sumptuous sets, like the Entryway Storage Set with Hall Trees and Shoe Bench with Drawers.

There is also the sleek and elegant entryway furniture from our Hampton Heights Collection. These pieces, with their clean lines and timeless allure, bring grace and modern flair to any space. For example, you’ll love the bright, white finish of our Entryway Storage Set with 30W Hall Tree and Shoe Bench. Its stylish, metallic hardware adds a polished touch to the piece. You’ll be able to pair it with other storage pieces from the collection for other rooms in your house, including a TV stand or buffet cabinet.

For a touch of farmhouse chic, our Key West Collection also includes a hall tree, which blends farmhouse with cottage and coastal. Its casual style blends traditional accents with modern finishes. It’s quite simply a striking piece of furniture that’s bound to be noticed the second someone walks into your house.

From modern to rustic, we have styles for every aesthetic. Your hall tree of choice can then be decorated to your taste, without removing from the piece’s functional purpose. Top shelves are great places for plants, a small floral arrangement, or other decorative items.

To complete the décor of your entryway, here are other things you could consider to complement your hall tree:

  • Hang a circular mirror by your hall tree
  • Add a pop of color with framed artwork or set up a full gallery wall with your favorite pieces
  • Hang a chalkboard for family reminders or playful messages
  • Tile the floor of your entryway or mudroom for a surface that’s stylish and easier to clean
  • Paint your door in a bright and inviting color

5. It’s easy to set up

We all love a DIY home project, but, with Bush Home, you won’t have to wonder how to build a hall tree. Our selection of hall trees and coat racks includes beautiful home furniture pieces that are easy to assemble, while promising a durable construction composed of materials resistant to wear and tear. Take a look at our full assortment of entryway furniture to complete your space. Shop entryway storage sets that organize every family. Even yours.

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