Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas to Create a Stylish and Practical Space

Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas to Create a Stylish and Practical Space

Another day, another chore. That’s what we often find ourselves thinking while puttering around the laundry room. Why not switch up the mood? Stepping into your laundry room could bring as much joy as entering your kitchen or living room. The trick is creating a space that’s not only functional, but also stylish and hyper organized. That’s easy to do with the best laundry room cabinets that offer all the storage you need, while bringing a refined appearance to the space.

From how to install laundry room cabinets to how to decorate the space around them, here’s everything you need to know about laundry room cabinets.

1. Maximize vertical space

Laundry rooms vary greatly from home to home. You might have your washing machine and dryer tucked away in a closet between rooms, or stashed away in the basement where no one can see them. On the other hand, your home might be spacious enough for a dedicated laundry room.

Whatever the case may be, there are very easy ways for you to maximize the space. Laundry room cabinets make the most of the vertical space above or next to your washing machine and dryer, depending on your set-up. Going with laundry room wall cabinets is a great idea if you need a place to store all your products, especially since your appliances take up most of the floor area. Things like laundry detergents, softener, and dryer sheets are best kept up high where children and pets can’t get to them.

A tall linen cabinet is another essential piece for maximizing the space in your laundry room. Its adjustable shelves can be used to keep all your linen, including extra bed sheets, pillow cases, and more. This is the type of practical home furniture piece that lends another purpose to a room. In this case, your laundry room can double as a storage room with the right cabinets. You could even store the cleaning supplies you need for the rest of your home, or additional bathroom items, like toilet paper and towels, in your laundry room cabinet.

2. Consider countertops

There’s another positive to adding laundry room cabinets to this must-have space in your home: countertops. Instead of sorting laundry on the floor, or on top of your washing machine, you’ll be able to spread out on the cabinet’s countertop in complete comfort. That means saying goodbye to piles of clothes hanging messily by your feet and having to look out for kids or pets running in and right into your clothes. Make sure that you’re buying reliable pieces with durable and wear-resistant countertops for your laundry room, like Bush Home’s laundry cabinets.

Countertops aren’t just for folding and sorting. Think outside the box and use them to bring a personal touch to your laundry room with some stylish flair. Accessorize your surfaces with wicker, wire, or woven baskets that are great for smaller items like clothes pins or dryer balls, but also fun if you’re mindful of style. You could even spruce up countertops with a nicely shaped vase full of flowers or a potted plant. Add a desk lamp if the overhead light isn’t enough to brighten up the space, or if you want to add mood lighting.

We love personal style and décor in the home, but still, don’t go overboard when decorating these surfaces — you’ll regret creating a space that’s too cluttered and becomes an obstacle to the room’s main function.

4. Save some space

Speaking of going overboard, you’ll want to remember that advice when laying out the laundry room.

While we think laundry room cabinets are essential, we’d also advise that you should save space for a few key items, including hampers, ironing board, and a drying rack.

Our array of laundry storage lets you choose from many options, including going with just one storage cabinet for your room to many different pieces. Our laundry storage is also modular, meaning that you can install the individual pieces in a way that allows space for all your must-haves. For example, you could set up a wall cabinet over a floor cabinet, or install the wall cabinet further on the wall, leaving the space beneath it empty and available for an ironing board or drying rack.

If you have the extra space, you could even fit several hampers to facilitate sorting: one per wash type, per color, and so on. Rolling clothes hampers make it easy to transport around the house. Hampers also come in an array of styles now, from woven and cloth to rattan, so they can also become stylish home objects to add to a space. You can move way from the clunky, plastic hampers of the past and opt for something that fits with your home’s décor

5. Shop in sets

If you’re wondering how to install cabinets in a laundry room or how to hang cabinets in a laundry room, we make it easy for you with multi-piece modular laundry storage sets that come with everything you need and that can be moved around based on your space.

Smaller laundry rooms could fit the 3-Piece Modular Laundry Room Storage Set with Floor and Wall Cabinets. The pieces, including a narrow storage tower, can be installed side by side or separately, according to your room. Each piece comes in stylish and versatile finishes that complement any décor.

We also offer larger laundry storage sets, including a 5-piece set that includes two sets of wall cabinets and an additional tall storage cabinet. The 6-piece set is as complete as you can get, with two tall cabinets, as well as wall and floor cabinets. Buying one of these sets is the easiest way to furnish your laundry room in one click. Each set (or individual piece) comes with easy-to-understand instructions for quick and stress-free installation.

6. Complement your cabinets

Once you know exactly which storage pieces you need, it’s time to have a little fun. Just because the laundry room has a more functional purpose in your life, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply a certain aesthetic.

Since our laundry room storage options come in a variety of classic and timeless finishes, it’s easy to surround them in style without clashing. Think of bright and bold colors for the walls to liven up the laundry room, or more subdued hues if you need a zen space to balance out the task ahead. Printed wallpaper or sleek tiles could be applied between wall and floor cabinets to pep up a very practical area.

Another décor tip for your laundry room is to consider accents and items that reflect the theme found in the rest of your home. If your aesthetic in the rest of your home is country-house chic, you could warm up your laundry room with a stylish, patterned rug. Hanging plants are also a beautiful and bohemian addition to any room; they freshen up a space and they always look great. The same idea we shared for your countertops applies to the rest of your laundry room – just because it’s a functional space, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring, so feel free to get creative.

7. Where to buy laundry room cabinets

For home furniture pieces you and your family can rely on, Bush Home has everything you need. Our laundry storage collection features pieces built with a commercial-quality design and boasting contemporary style that’ll still look great in years to come. Looking for the same reliability and style for the rest of your home? Now that you’ve found the best laundry storage solutions for your space, keep shopping our other collections to find more beautiful furniture pieces for every room in your home.

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