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8 Tips on How To Decorate Your Office Desk

8 Tips on How To Decorate Your Office Desk

Home is where the heart is. That’s why we spend so much time and energy making our homes reflect who we are, with décor that brightens our day and furniture that keeps us and our loved ones cozy. The same can’t always be said of our workspaces.

While separating your work from the rest of your life is crucial for so many reasons, from mental health to setting boundaries and helping with focus, it still helps to bring a bit of a personal touch into your office. Working in a beautiful and welcoming environment can improve motivation and uplift your mood throughout the day. Here are 8 tips on how to organize your office desk to make it feel more like home.

1. Color your Space

Staring at a screen all day can quickly become a little dreary, no matter what you’re working on. To ease eye strain, the secret is to follow the 20-20-20 rule: for every 20 minutes of screen time, you should look away for 20 seconds. To pep up the process, bring something to your space that’s fun to look at. Hang inspiring artwork on the wall, like an interesting and colorful painting. Movie buffs might prefer a poster of their favorite film, while travelers could choose a map of the world. What’s more inspiring than taking a break to think of your next family vacation?

Another thing to keep in mind is the color of your walls. Bright and cheery hues, like a soft yellow or a darker pink, can bring joy to any space. For a more zen approach, subdued grays, rich greens or light blues bring a meditative mood that can keep you calm in any situation. You’ll appreciate calmer colors when your work day is feeling particularly hectic. Alternately, bold accents, like patterned wallpaper or a wall mural, around your office desk can liven up any workspace and stir up your creativity.

2. Keep Things Organized

You don’t like clutter around the house, but it’s scary how quickly it can accumulate on your desk. Choosing the right office desk is the first step in keeping yourself organized. If you struggle with keeping your office supplies in order, pick a desk with the right amount of storage space. Think top drawers and cabinets that can hold everything you need. Wire management grommets are another feature to keep an eye out for, especially when working with a lot of equipment. You don’t want to get your wires crossed.

Add shelves to your space or buy a computer desk with a hutch if you tend to pile up notepads and books next to your computer — having a space to store them is key. A desktop organizer can be very practical with cubbies and drawers for all your stationery, pens, and highlighters. Lockable drawers might also be must-haves for those working with confidential materials, or if you just need a little private space that’s all yours.

Prefer the minimalist approach? Minimalist computer desks and home offices are increasingly popular. Less is more, as they say, meaning less distractions and more productivity. Make sure to maintain minimalism by regularly clearing your desktop and getting rid of what you don’t need. Consider getting a mobile filing cabinet when assorted bills, notes, and more start adding up. You can just roll it out of sight, out of mind, if it becomes a distraction.

3. Go wild

Taking a walk and getting fresh air are often the best ways to clear your mind, put your day on pause, and reset. But some days, when you’re running between errands and meetings, even that can be hard to achieve. Why not bring the outdoors in with a touch of green?

Living plants or fragrant flowers can freshen up your space and purify the air around you. Choose a plant that’s low-maintenance and affordable. Succulents are always a good choice, as are snake plants or spider plants. If you get more sunlight shining on your workspace, you could even opt for a cactus or an aloe vera plant. You’ll be surprised how a little greenery can go a long way. They can go anywhere: on your computer table, high on a bookshelf, by a window sill. Don’t forget the importance of natural light when placing your plants around your desk!

4. Make Work Cozy

Work might get stressful, but that doesn’t mean your comfort should take a back seat. You’re not going to get much done if your work environment, including your office desk, isn’t comfortable.

First of all, complement your office desk with a high-quality office chair. Look for adjustable features that can be adapted to your height and ergonomic preferences. Don’t forget that all-important lumbar support. Drape your chair with a soft blanket or sweater for colder days, or for days when you just need that extra bit of cozy comfort to wrap yourself in.

Get extra cozy and pepper aromatic candles around your desk — think soothing fragrances that ready you for tackling that crammed calendar. Create an environment that you’re excited to get to, even if it’s just for a few hours of doing taxes or paying bills – it still matters.

5. Add a Personal Touch

Keep your loved ones close, even when you’re at work. The best cure for stress might just be a framed family photo smiling up at you on your office desk. If space is limited, hang it up on the wall that faces you.

Souvenirs from recent vacations also make for great home office desk décor, and a great excuse to take a break and remember that beach holiday you took last year. We’re talking hand-made crafts or even seashells from the shore.

There are also tons of tiny ways to make your workspace personal. Think about your choice of notebooks, calendars, and pens: customized, colorful, themed, or simple and practical. Even your selection of the smallest supplies can be a way of personalizing your home office.

6. Tis the Season

When you start feeling bored with your office desk, it’s time to borrow some holiday cheer.

Seek inspiration from the seasons as a way to switch up your décor, your workspace, and your ideas. Fall calls for warm hues, spooky accents, and a small pumpkin for Halloween. December brings a mini Christmas tree to light up a corner of your desk. Get creative for Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped décor, or maybe a sneaky bowl of chocolates for sweet treats throughout the day.

This could even be a fun, seasonal DIY project to do with family or friends.

7. All Booked Up

Coffee tables and bookcases aren’t the only places to showcase your most interesting books.

Line up your best bindings on your office desk for a novel twist to workspace décor. Coordinate by color, theme, or size on your desktop, if space allows. You can pick books that inspire, from art books to reference books related to your profession or studies. Or, keep your favorite writers nearby to catch up on a chapter or two whenever you feel like taking a break in a fictional world.

8. Set the Mood

It might often seem trivial, but lighting is important, especially to set a mood or ambiance. During the day, you might be fine with your home office’s overhead light, or with the natural light that filters in through your windows. If not, a desk lamp will be an essential addition to your desk décor. Pick one that complements the style of your desk and home office, or, think outside the box, and go for a clashing look. For example, pair a new and modern office desk with a unique vintage lamp.

If you have the additional space, you could also place a small speaker on your office desk. Music or ambient sound sets the mood for the day.

Where to buy office desks

Bush Home offers an array of office desks that can all be decorated your way, from L-shaped desks with tons of surface areas to stylish writing desks and minimalist computer desks. If you need tips on buying the best home office desks, consult our home office desk guide. Remember that your workspace can bring as much joy as other rooms in your home if you decorate and make it your own with the right home office furniture.

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