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How to Choose the Perfect Office Furniture to Boost Productivity

How to Choose the Perfect Office Furniture to Boost Productivity

The era of sitting uncomfortably on an old vintage chair or crouching over a coffee table to work is over. It’s time for an upgrade — you deserve it.

Whether you run a business, work from home, have a student or two in the house, or maintain a workspace just to sort out your life admin, you need the right office furniture. Built for doing your best work, high-quality and affordable home office pieces can elevate your everyday.

Here are a few reasons to buy office furniture:

  • Designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind
  • Made with durable materials that will endure the longest work days
  • Allows for versatility and multiple purposes
  • Creates a clear separation between work and life
  • Enhances any workspace with style

Convinced? Read on to find out what you should keep in mind when shopping for office furniture.

How big is your workspace

From a corner of a shared room to a dedicated home office, the space you have to work will obviously determine which office furniture and how many pieces you’ll need.

If you’re combining living space with office space, designate an area of the room for working or studying. Don’t count out corners — corner desks or L-shaped desks can easily make use of those and are perfect for multi-purpose rooms. A desk in a bedroom? Why not. Think of adding office furniture to this space with pieces that can be used for work or leisure. Bookcases will store all the books, binders, and notebooks you might need for your workday, but can be brightened with plants, photos, and décor that fit beautifully in a family room. Writing and secretary desks can double as console tables behind a sofa, or by a wall. If you’re low on space, a good computer desk and chair get the job done.

For those with a dedicated home office, you’ll be able to choose from a range of pieces to furnish the room. You still shouldn’t go for an overly cluttered room; clutter is the antonym of productivity. Make sure to measure your space before buying an office desk, chair, storage, and more, and check the dimensions of the office furniture you’re considering before purchasing.

How to arrange office furniture

It’s always better to have a plan. Decide the layout of your home office or work area before shopping for office furniture. Things you should consider: the number of people who will use the space, your personal style preference (minimalist? maximalist? somewhere in between?), and optimal natural light. Once you’ve thought about the best home office layout for your workflow, make a list of the office furniture you need. Get as detailed as you can — include monitors, storage, tech.

The next step? Figuring out how to arrange office furniture. Often, the placement of your computer desk is the most crucial piece of the puzzle. Some like to place their desk at the center of the room facing the door, others might prefer a window-front desk with a view of the outdoors. If your home office doesn’t get that much natural light, save space for a desk lamp or floor lamp to brighten your workspace.

A common mistake people make is to forget about all the vertical space available to them. Make the most of it with tall bookcases or a hutch added to your computer desk. These storage solutions are not only functional, but can also be used to personalize the space with decorations. Use wall space for personal photos, artworks, shelves, and more. It’s an easy way to decorate and furnish your workspace efficiently without making it feel too full or jumbled with a lot of furniture.

What makes you comfortable

In corporate offices, there’s usually a team of people figuring out how to keep employees healthy and happy. In your home office, you’re the boss, which means, your wellness should always be on the agenda.

The more we work from home, the more we move away from the uncomfortable cliché of what an office should be. Just because you’re clocking in, doesn’t mean you can’t be cozy. Think of what you need to be comfortable during your work day, from a patterned rug to a soft blanket or whatever welcomes you warmly into a room. Prioritize home office pieces that can store the work must-haves you need close-by to stay productive, like furniture with built-in storage options or mobile filing cabinets. If you’re always having to get up and find office essentials from another corner of your workspace, or from another room, then you’ll constantly be losing focus.

The best office furniture is already designed with features tailored for your comfort. That’s especially true when it comes to the perfect office chairs. Look out for features like armrests, reclining seat, adjustable height and lumbar support, wheels, and a cushioned seat. Don’t sleep on a sturdy and comfortable office chair – it’ll change how you work.

To truly elevate your ergonomics, embrace the standing-desk life. You could go the complete opposite route (or balance out hours of standing at your desk) and add extra seating in your home office, like a sofa or a loveseat. Even if you’re only spending a few hours a week in your workspace paying bills, your comfort within the space is still important.

Office furniture makes it easy to focus on health and work and create a space where you actually want to work. You might spend as much time in your home office than in your bedroom. Why not make that time as comfortable as possible?

How to decorate a home office

Comfort might come first, but design and aesthetics are a close second. Stay cohesive with the style of your home when you shop for office furniture, while also picking an aesthetic that reflects who you are. Pay attention to small details like metallic accents, wood finishes, and unique hardware. Every detail matters to create an office with a high-end appearance.

To help you, our collections curate office furniture by style to help you match pieces and create a sophisticated space. Here’s a practical rundown of some of our collections to stir up some inspiration:

  • Somerset: Try a transitional style of office furniture available in versatile finishes that complement the look of any room.
  • Mayfield: Go for farmhouse-chic with these two-toned pieces that are ideal if your workspace is tucked into a shared room in your home.
  • Lennox: X marks the spot and defines the accents of beautiful, rustic-inspired furniture.
  • Coliseum: Bring a polished, high-end appeal to your work day. This collection is all about a beautiful blend of traditional, contemporary, and industrial.
  • Saratoga: Make it elegant and keep it timeless — this collection updates old-fashioned office furniture.
  • Method: Mid-century modern design never goes out of style and this collection is the proof.
  • Hampton Heights Office: Enhance your office (and the rest of your home) with clean lines, personalized allure, and modern flair.

These collections will also offer home office furniture sets to remove the guesswork from the experience. These sets save you time and money by bundling complementary office must-haves.

Need more home office décor tips? Read our blog on How to Decorate Your Office Desk. Remember that color, art, and greenery are always great companions to stylish office furniture.

Where to buy office furniture

Bush Home is your go-to for all your home office furniture needs. Start with these home office essentials: computer desks, office chairs, and office storage. We’ve compiled a handy home office desk buying guide if you’re looking for a little extra help to choose the right computer table.

When you shop with Bush Home, you’ll enjoy office furniture that not only provides the function you need, but also infuses beauty to your home. Our home pieces are designed for practical-minded people who don’t want to sacrifice on style to get the work done. You’ll see that finding the best office furniture is bound to boost productivity and inspire your day-to-day. Bush Home also makes it easy to buy office furniture online. We know your day is busy enough as it is; you don’t have to commute to a busy furniture store on top of it. Shop online with us and the right furniture will come to you.

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