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Discover Bush Business Furniture’s Commercial Office Furniture

Discover Bush Business Furniture’s Commercial Office Furniture

If you’re among the millions of people who have shifted to remote or hybrid work schedules, you probably have seen a lot of furniture options for your home office. While the market is laden with options to choose from, there is a big difference between regular office furniture and commercial office furniture. We’d love to guide you through the many reasons why commercial office furniture is a wonderful option for your home office.

Why Choose Commercial Office Furniture?

There are many reasons why commercial office furniture is ideal for your home office. The first one would be quality: while Bush Business Furniture offers many incredibly functional and budget-friendly options, nothing compares to the quality and durability of commercial office furniture.

While Bush Business Furniture is designed to be scratch-resistant for light duty, residential use, our commercial office furniture goes a step further. Our BBF commercial office furniture has been designed and tested to endure a work week of over 40 hours thanks to its durable construction and thermally fused laminate surfaces.

This makes it a wonderful option for both residential and commercial use. Our commercial office furniture line includes desks, conference tables, and storage options that are modern and attractive, all while respecting an extremely high-quality standard.

Is the Price of Commercial Office Furniture Really Worth It?

While regular office furniture might be alluring because of smaller price tags, investing in commercial office furniture really is worth it for serious professionals. This applies both to commercial office furniture bought for residential use and business use.

The quality and durability of commercial office furniture are unmatched to any other option you can find on the market. Whether you get a desk or an adjustable office chair, a conference table or a filing cabinet — you can rest assured that your furniture will serve for many years to come.

You can choose a desk or office chair among our many collections available, from executive desks to conference tables. Our many collections feature different styles for you to effortlessly match your chose commercial office furniture to the existing decor in your home or place of business.

While commercial office furniture is more expensive than other regular furniture, it’s worth the cost. Our thermally fused laminate surfaces are just what you need for a bustling work environment, be it at home with your kids and pets or at the office with your colleagues. Furthermore, we often have sales and regular promotions throughout the year, offering you a chance to get your favorite commercial office furniture at a discounted price.

We also offer free shipping with our purchases, so you won’t have to drive to and back from the store to buy a desk or office chair. Everything is conveniently shipped out to your doorstep, so you’ll save a lot of time, money, and stress when choosing your commercial office furniture online. You can make your purchase in total comfort from home and enjoy your new furniture shortly after the date of purchase.

Moreover, almost every item of commercial office furniture sold on our website boasts an extended manufacturer’s warranty, proof of the extremely high quality of the Bush Business Furniture Brand. Let’s look at the some of our favorite commercial-quality collections.

Bush Business Furniture Studio C Collection

Popular designs and fresh finishes merge in this contemporary commercial office furniture collection. Choose a gorgeous executive desk, reception desk, storage solution, or even an electric fireplace for your office. The beautiful designs and extreme durability of the Studio C Collection will be a pleasure to have in your office.

A cubicle desk is a fantastic idea for a commercial space because it grants both a practical workstation and privacy to whoever works at it. It’s a fantastic choice for offices and spaces where a lot of people have to work together, as it grants more privacy than a regular desk.

We’ve recently launched a new privacy desk that can be used as both the perfect cubicle desk in a busy office environment or as a private desk in your home. It’s the ideal solution for creating privacy and fostering focus and productivity. Its commercial quality ensures long-lasting durability that will serve you for many years to come in your business office or your home office.

Another amazing range of products available in the Studio C Collection is the fireplaces. While some urban centers don’t allow fireplaces to be installed for residential use, electric fireplaces are a great option to add warmth to your home or office. Our electric fireplaces are stylish and compact, and they can also be used as a surface and small storage solution. You can use yours to add some extra heat to the space or as a small storage solution with a warm and bright built-in ambient lighting solution.

Bush Business Furniture Hybrid Collection

Another gorgeous choice for anyone seeking to buy commercial office furniture is our wonderful collection called Hybrid.

Hybrid blends durable work surfaces with sleek metal framework to offer an ideal solution for the modern professional. Create stylish and quality workspaces for corporate or home offices with open table desks and functional storage available in many finishes to choose from.

With Hybrid, you can choose a regular desk, an L shaped desk, or even a desk set with filing cabinet or other types of storage. It also boasts a variety of bookcases in a hybrid fusion with a closed cabinet, offering you both storage and display surfaces for your plants, books, and decor. This new collection got its name because it is truly the ideal line for the hybrid worker. These desks are perfect for both commercial office environments and home offices.

Bush Business Furniture Series C Collection

The Series C Collection meets the needs of any professional and instantly gives your space a professional and elegant look. Characterized by its original finishes and sleek designs, this collection offers many comfortable and elegant desks and office chairs to choose from.

The Series C Collection is a wonderful choice for your home if you are looking for a great desk or office chair that will serve for many years to come. Choose an L shaped desk if you need more space to lay out your work materials and books or an executive desk if you want a professional and impactful workstation for your space.

Alternatively, you can also invest in a standing desk. The Series C standing desk range offers you both the comfort and practicality of an L shaped desk and the added benefit of adjustability. Whenever you feel like standing and keeping a more active position throughout your work shift, you can manually adjust part of your work surface to the desired height. Standing desks are a great option for anyone seeking to stay a little more active during long shifts in front of the computer.

The Series C Collection also offers various conference tables to choose from. The conference tables feature a large durable top surface constructed of thermally fused laminate and a continuous edge banding that protects against nicks and dings.

Another characteristic of the Series C conference tables is the fully finished undersides, which prevent snagged clothing. Conference tables can work in a variety of settings from conventional to alternative office environments, including home offices. Each conference table comfortably seats four to six people and includes integrated wire management grommets to keep computer cables organized and out of the way.

Our Commercial Office Furniture Services

Bush Business Furniture also offers a wide range of services for its commercial office furniture customers. One such service is our Install 360 program, which offers a full purchasing and installation package for your home office or business office. Install 360 offers four convenient steps: Project Consultation, Space & Product Planning, Rapid & Flexible Delivery, and Installation & Inspection. You can opt for one of these steps or all four; this program is designed to meet your needs.

Project Consultation

Bush Business Furniture features a customer service team based in the United States that is specially trained to see your project through from beginning to end. From helping you choose the right furnishings for your workspace to conducting a final satisfaction survey, our attention to detail ensures a positive experience each and every time. Be it an executive desk or a small conference table, we are here to guide you through the whole process of planning your project.

Space & Product Planning

We know that every office is unique. That’s why we offer free unlimited space planning on any order regardless of the size of your space. Our teams will generate complete 2D and 3D layouts based on room dimensions and physical conditions such as windows, doors, and foot traffic. You’ll receive a custom proposal within two business days, including a convenient summary and product list for easy ordering.

Rapid & Flexible Delivery

Bush Business Furniture products are stocked for next-day shipping at a flat, fixed rate nationwide. Our efficient East and West Coast distribution centers allow us to complete delivery to most locations in just three to five business days. All products are packaged to ISTA 3A standards for trouble-free delivery and are never left at curbside.

Installation & Inspection

We can complete any order with professional installation in 10-14 business days at a flat rate nationwide. In a single visit, your new furniture will be carefully assembled, leveled, adjusted, and cleaned with all packaging removed. A full inspection is conducted with you before you sign for delivery to ensure satisfaction.

Now that you’ve learned all the different reasons to invest in commercial office furniture, are you ready to make your pick? Shop now!

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