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Discover Our Many Home Office Furniture Collections

Discover Our Many Home Office Furniture Collections

Since working remotely, we’ve all grown to understand the importance of a cohesive and coordinated design in one’s home. When shopping or looking through different home office furniture collections, it’s often overwhelming choosing the right one for your home.

Bush Home is a leading manufacturer in office furniture and other practical storage solutions for your entire home. Whether you need a new Bush Home desk or a practical laundry hamper, we are your one-stop-shop to go to.

Let’s look into the various enticing options to choose from depending on the style you want to give your home. There are plenty of different home office furniture collections for everyone to choose from.

Bush Home Cabot Collection

One of our most stunning home office furniture collections is undoubtedly the Cabot Collection by Bush Home. It’s a genuine masterpiece for aficionados of design and distinctive furniture solutions.

Marked by its extraordinarily unique geometric shapes, the Cabot Collection is the ideal choice for those who appreciate one-of-a-kind styles with a designer’s touch. The integrated cubby spaces found on select pieces in the Cabot Collection offer you additional storage to keep all your daily essentials neatly organized.

The extensive selection of desks and home office solutions makes the Cabot Collection one of our most captivating home office furniture ranges. You can choose from a wide variety of home office desks and supplementary storage solutions to completely transform your living space.

The diverse desk options within this collection encompass standard and L-shaped models, catering to those who wish to maximize the often underutilized corners of a room. Many models come with built-in shelves and storage, but if you require more space, we have you covered. Opt for a stylish lateral file cabinet to efficiently organize your work materials and files, or select a striking bookcase to showcase items of your choosing.

If you’re considering incorporating this exquisite collection into your living room instead of your home office, you’re in for a treat. The Cabot Collection is one of the most distinctive offerings among Bush home office furniture collections. You can choose a simple writing desk to position against a wall or opt for a console table as a striking accent piece, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it.

Furthermore, the exquisite finishes available within this collection ensure that these pieces seamlessly blend with the rest of your interior, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home.

Bush Home Refinery Collection

If you’re more into modern industrial styles, we have many home office furniture collections to choose from. One we particularly love both for home offices and living rooms is the Refinery Collection. The combination of metal and wood create a perfect match that will add a rustic yet modern feel to your home.

This line is particularly fitting for lofts, open spaces, and modern industrial apartments. The gorgeous metal frames and details in this collection add a modern touch to the room without being aesthetically invasive. It’s a gorgeous collection for anyone who likes to keep their home simple yet stylish.

Another gorgeous collection is Anthropology, which fuses metal, wood, and glass to create unique furniture that will blend in with pretty much any decor.

Bush Home Saratoga Executive Collection

Without a doubt, one of our most durable and sophisticated home office furniture collections is the gorgeous Saratoga Collection. Choosing an executive desk means choosing a timeless piece of furniture that will serve for many years to come and add a professional touch to your home office.

This sophisticated collection is available in multiple gorgeous finishes for all tastes and needs. You can opt for different types of desks, and some of them come with built-in drawers. You can store your files with ease and have all your daily work utilities at hand.

If you need extra storage for encyclopedias, manuals, and other items, you can add a gorgeous bookcase or a lateral file cabinet to your home office. And if space is an issue, you can also add a practical hutch to your work surface to store files and other items with style and ease.

Bush Home Salinas Collection

If you’re looking for a casual furniture collection for your home, look no further. One of our most versatile home office furniture collections is Salinas, which boasts a wide range of home furniture pieces for every room of your house.

If farmhouse styling is for you, you will fall in love with this collection. Choose a desk depending on your needs and match it with one of the beautiful chairs offered in this collection. From small computer desks with built-in drawers and an additional hutch to large L-shaped ones, you will surely find the perfect one for you. The collection is offered in numerous distressed finishes and there are many items to match your desk with.

Opt for one of the gorgeous designer chairs or add some additional storage such as a lateral file cabinet. Moreover, if you’re a fan of this collection, you will love every other piece of furniture offered for other rooms of your house.

From the entryway to your bathroom, the practical storage solutions and clever furniture options presented in this collection will transform your home into a corner of paradise.

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