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Looking for the Perfect Desk? Here Are Some Ideas

Looking for the Perfect Desk? Here Are Some Ideas

A good desk is a must-have for everyone working from home, but how to choose the perfect one for you? The market is laden with options, but we can narrow it down for you. Depending on your budget, space availability, and design preferences, we have the right desk for you!

We design every piece of furniture — from entryway storage solutions to occasional tables — with quality, style, and affordability in mind.

There are so many desks available online, and your choice ultimately depends on your preferences and needs. Let’s look into the various types of desks you can shop for and find the right one for you.

Writing Desks

If you like to do some occasional writing once in a while or work on your computer a few hours per day, a writing desk is a great option. Writing desks are simple and versatile, and look great in any room. They are perfect for people who don’t spend a lot of time sitting at a desk but still want to have a reliable work surface in case they ever need to use it.

A writing desk is also great as a secondary workstation if you find it daunting to work in the same setting all day. By placing your writing desk in the entryway, living room, or even your bedroom, you can take a break from your home office once in a while and change your surroundings.

If you like farmhouse styles and decor, check out the gorgeous Salinas Collection. This is one of our most versatile collections, with solutions available for your whole home. It blends effortlessly with the rest of your interior, giving your space a relaxed feel.

For a modern industrial look, check out the beautiful Anthropology Collection, which was designed by fusing metal, wood, and glass to create gorgeous pieces for your home office and living room.

L-Shaped Desks

For some, space is an issue when working for long hours at a desk. It becomes bothersome having to get up in search of something you urgently need just because you didn’t have space to keep it at hand. This can also make you lose concentration and decrease your productivity.

An easy fix to all that is getting a wonderful L-shaped desk. Many of our L-shaped desks come with built-in storage such as drawers or hutches. Check out our beautiful Cabot Collection for a classic and traditional style. This collection is designed for those who want to truly invest in their home office by giving it a professional and distinguished look.

Choose among the many available L-shaped desks in this collection to find a great workstation that will serve for many years to come.

Moreover, L-shaped desks are a wonderful idea for parents who love to sit at their desk with their small children. The workstation won’t be as big as a two-person desk, but just perfect for an adult and a small child. You can also place your L-shaped desk in various parts of the room to visually divide it and create new interior possibilities.

Height-Adjustable Desks

Sitting in the same position all day can take a toll on your back and neck, and it’s really important to prevent that from happening. To switch from sitting to standing in a few seconds with the push of a button, choose a wonderful standing desk.

Standing desks are perfect for those who prefer to maintain a more active position while working to ease back pain. With a simple push of a button, switch positions wherever you’d like. Some models also allow you to conveniently save your favorite presets for an even faster and smoother transition. We also carry a vast array of mechanical sit-to-stand desks, which are a simpler and more affordable option. You can easily manually adjust your standing desk by easily lifting it and locking it into place.

Check out the stunning Somerset Collection and choose among the different standing desks available. This collection will transform your office and make work much more enjoyable.

Some desks come with built-in storage to help you easily store away your files and work materials. If you need some extra storage, don’t forget to check out desk sets and lateral storage solutions such as file cabinets and bookcases.

Corner Desks

If you don’t have a lot of free space to fit in a big desk, we’ve got you covered. Why give up the idea of having a wide enough workstation when you can have a wonderful corner desk?

By optimizing the often forgotten space in the corner of a room, corner desks create a functional and space-saving workstation. They are the perfect solution for anyone for whom space at home is an issue.

Corner desks come with the added benefit of creating a private and separate work corner where you can work peacefully. Say goodbye to being interrupted every time something distracting is happening around you at home.

Moreover, a corner desk is the perfect idea to get rid of clutter and keep everything nice and organized. Your workstation will be in the corner, separated from the rest of the room, which will make it easier to organize everything and keep the room tidy.

Check out our Townhill Collection for some of our most practical corner desks, perfect even for the smallest homes.

Secretary Desks

Although they might seem the underdog in the office desk game, secretary desks are slowly gaining fame. This space-saving solution is versatile and perfect for those who want an occasional desk. It can easily be hidden and serve multiple different purposes.

With its credenza-style design, a secretary desk can blend easily with any interior, offering a little storage solution and a desk all in one. Simply pull out the tray to unveil a wonderful compact workstation and close it whenever you don’t need to use it.

Secretary desks look terrific in any room of the house, even in the entryway. They can easily pass as accent tables or credenzas, and they can complement any design with ease.

Check out the gorgeous Key West Collection for some wonderful secretary desks. This collection is one of our most popular ones, with solutions for the whole home. Take a look if you love coastal and breezy styles and a farmhouse feel.

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