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New Year, New Opportunities: Start 2023 with the Best Commercial Furniture

New Year, New Opportunities: Start 2023 with the Best Commercial Furniture

The new year is finally here, and there couldn’t be a better time for new beginnings. This applies to all areas of your life; from personal goals to business decisions, the new year brings limitless possibilities.

If you want to start growing your business or launch a new one, you’re in the right place. Commercial office furniture is exactly what you need. Our vast range of commercial furniture boasts a wide choice of durable, stylish, and modular options for any commercial office. Moreover, we have everything you need as your business continues to thrive; from conference room furniture to office cubicles, we have a wide selection of high-quality office furnishings designed to adapt to your growing team and needs.

We compiled a short list of our best commercial furniture and how it can benefit you and your business in the new year. Let’s get started!

L-Shaped Desks and Standing Desks

Ideal for offices and residential homes, L shaped desks and standing desks are a wonderful choice for any busy professional. If you’re just starting a new business and need the perfect desk for your office, then you may want to consider one of these desks. The first is perfect for those who work with a lot of materials and devices at hand. The large surface of an L shaped desk allows you to spread out comfortably and enjoy enough space for your daily needs. Plus, you’ll never be short on storage space.

The latter is a great choice for those who like to feel more active during work. Standing desks are great because they allow you to regulate the surface to your desired height, whether you choose to sit or stand.

Standing during work can be beneficial for many reasons; maintaining an active position can boost your mood and vitality, as well as increase your productivity. Furthermore, squeezing in time to exercise can be hard during busy workdays, especially in cold weather. A standing desk allows you to work comfortably, reduce neck and back pain, and kick in those needed hours of movement into your daily routine.

Our commercial furniture collections include a wide range of L shaped and standing desks. Choose one according to your needs and style and enjoy a multifunctional and long-lasting desk for years to come.

Pro tip: if you are short on space, consider placing your L shaped desk in the corner of the room. You’ll make more space in the center of your office, and visually declutter the room all at once. An L shaped desk fits great in any corner or as a centerpiece for your office, but the first option is especially apt for those who have limited space. Moreover, placing your desk in the corner will allow you to visually detach your workstation from the rest of the room, which will look organized and neat.

Executive Desks

If you’re looking for something a little more prominent in your new office, then nothing conveys professionalism more than an executive desk. Designed with professionals in mind, executive desks are the perfect choice for businesspeople who want to convey elegance and style when anyone walks into their office.

Executive desks are sophisticated and classy, and they offer a huge surface to work on. They are built to last, and often include plenty of storage space to store books, work materials, and even add decor.

Office Chairs

Once you choose your office desk, it’s time to move onto office chairs! No workstation is complete without the perfect office chair for your space.

The best office chair for you will not only match the style of your office or commercial space, but also support your back during long shifts in front of your computer.

We boast a wide range of office chairs in a variety of colors and textures to match your interior for a cohesive and coordinated outlook. Moreover, many of our chairs have adjustable features, allowing you to sit comfortably during your workday.

Employee Desks

Once your office is set up, you’ll definitely need to plan for desks for your employees, especially as your business becomes more successful and your team grows. We have a wide selection of office cubicles to choose from if you’re looking to create private workstations where employees can focus.

If you’re looking to create a more open-concept style space with modern desking options, then some of our top commercial office collections such as Hybrid, Echo, and Jamestown may be of interest. It’s important to provide your employees with functional and ergonomic desks that offer enough space for multiple monitors and some storage for their supplies. Don’t forget to shop for ergonomic and adjustable chairs for your employees as well. After all, your team is the backbone of your company and needs reliable furniture to feel good at work and to succeed.

Conference Room Furniture

As your business starts to grow, you’ll want to create collaborative spaces for your team to gather and discuss the future of your company. You’ll also want to make sure that these spaces look good and reflect your brand’s personality since you will most likely hold meetings with clients, partners, and investors in these areas.

Luckily, we offer a variety of conference table styles and sizes for you to choose from. Perfect for medium to large-sized groups, most of our conference tables provide ample room for 6–8 users to collaborate with laptops, paperwork, and other materials. A durable thermally fused work surface with continuous edge banding protects against scratches and stains throughout years of daily meetings while a finished underside helps prevent snagged clothing. Our commercial-quality conference room furniture is tested and designed to last for years to come, so you can continue to make a great impression every meeting.

We also offer a wide variety of additional conference room furniture to create fully functional collaborative spaces. A truly unique addition to your conference room would be a storage cabinet with electric fireplace. Not only are you adding additional storage to your space, but the electric fireplace creates a great ambience that is sure to impress clients and investors alike.

Reception Furniture

Speaking of making great impressions . . . we all know that first impressions matter. You’ll want appealing and durable reception furniture to make a long-lasting and positive impression on your clients and guests.

Our many reception desks perfectly convey a professional and elegant feel to anyone entering your commercial office. With options that include shelving and cubbies, you can rest assured your reception desk will be a durable, functional, and elegant office solution that will serve for years to come.

Office Storage

Keeping your commercial office clean and organized will be crucial for maintain an air of professionalism and trust. The best way to maintain that organization is with reliable and functional storage furniture.

Combat clutter and store your belongings safely with the help of a filing cabinet. We have many different models, including mobile file cabinets, 2 drawer file cabinets, and locking file cabinets. There’s no doubt you’ll require some form of paper storage in your personal office, but you’ll also want to consider your employees’ needs. A small mobile file cabinet can easily slide under one of their desks.

You’ll also want to consider including bookcases in your own office and your collaborative spaces. Not only can these hold extra office supplies, but they can be used to display company awards and decor.

Our many commercial furniture collections include a wide range of office storage items for every taste and budget!

The Main Reason to invest in Commercial Furniture for Your Business

Commercial furniture is ideal for your home office or commercial space for a variety of reasons. The first is quality: though Bush Furniture has many incredibly functional and cost-effective options, nothing compares to the quality and durability of Bush Business Furniture.

While Bush Furniture boasts a great range of scratch-resistant surfaces for light-duty residential use, our Bush Business Furniture takes it a step further. Because of its durable construction and thermally fused work surfaces, our commercial furniture has been designed and tested to withstand a work week of more than 40 hours.

This makes it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. Our commercial furniture collection includes incredible desks, conference tables, and storage options, all while respecting your chosen style and maintaining an extremely high-quality standard. Investing in commercial-quality furniture is a smart choice that you will feel confident about for years to come.

Is the Higher Price Mark of Business Furniture Really Worth It?

While regular office furniture may be appealing due to lower prices, serious professionals should consider investing in commercial furniture for multiple reasons. This is true for business furniture purchased for both residential and commercial use.

Commercial furniture has unrivaled quality and durability when compared to other options on the market. Whether you purchase a desk, a cubicle, a conference table, or a filing cabinet, you can be confident that your furniture will last for many years.

It is a financially sound decision to invest in commercial-quality furniture because you won’t need to replace it every few years. If you opt for lower cost and lower quality products on the market, you’ll most likely need to replace it after a few years of regular use. With Bush Business Furniture, you know that your office furniture will survive for years in a busy professional environment.

Ready to start shopping for your business? Click here to see our best commercial office furniture.

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