The Best Storage Furniture for Every Room

The Best Storage Furniture for Every Room

Now that we spend the majority of our time at home — be it for work or leisure — keeping our place neat and tidy has never been more important. Having the right storage furniture in every room is a practical and essential addition to every home, and Bush Home offers a vast array of options to choose from to make it easy to keep every room of your house organized. Let’s have a look at the different pieces of storage furniture you can add to your home.



With all the clothes, textiles, and various objects we use on the daily, nothing feels better than a tidy bedroom. Most bedrooms require ample storage to keep all our belongings neat and organized, and Bush Home provides a vast array of solutions for every need. Moreover, safety is always a priority in the manufacturing and testing of our bedroom storage solutions.

From compact yet capacious nightstands to keep all your essential items at hand at all hours of the day and night, to 4-drawer- and 6-drawer dressers to have ample storage for sheets, blankets, clothes, and other textiles, Bush Home is your one-stop shop for any storage furniture you might need.

If you’re looking for bigger storage furniture solutions, you can opt for a complete bedroom set, which would blend seamlessly with your decor and offer you ample storage space without prompting you to spend extra time and money to find other storage furniture to match your interior.


Bathroom and Laundry Storage

Bush Home offers many different solutions for your bathroom storage, whether you’re looking to revamp your main bathroom or a smaller powder room. If you’re looking for a space-saving solution, an over-the-toilet storage cabinet or one of our wall-mounted medicine cabinets might be just what you’re in need of. Both options use space that would not be otherwise utilized — the wall above your sink and the space above your toilet. This transforms otherwise unused space into a functional piece of storage furniture to store your necessities.

If you have any extra space to spare, you could opt for a sleek cabinet or even a storage set, which offers more shelving and space to store everything from household items to toiletries and textiles.

For a larger piece of storage furniture, our cabinets with laundry hampers offer ample space to store dirty and clean laundry in an organized manner. Our linen towers feature open shelving, a closed storage cabinet and a small drawer to accommodate a variety of items. If you’re looking for a more space-saving solution, consider a simple laundry basket, which is compact and space efficient. Both solutions come with a removable hamper bag to make laundry day much more effortless.

Bush Home will make your laundry day much easier and more pleasant thanks to the removable liner bags which allow for quick and easy trips to the laundry room. Moreover, the laundry hamper lids are hinged, so you can open and close them with one hand while holding clothes or towels.


Living Room

A living room can quickly become cluttered if the right storage furniture isn’t in place. One’s living room is often the first room guests will see, so it’s important to make a good impression, and what’s better than having everything sitting exactly where it belongs?

For books, movies and all sorts of decor, it’s important to have the right storage furniture to keep the main room of your house always in order.

For books, manuals, encyclopedias, as well as decorations like pictures, flowers and plants, a great addition to every living room is a beautiful bookcase. Bush Home offers bookcases in a multitude of sizes, shapes and styles to give your space a personal touch. Some models come with doors, which are practical in case you’d like to store something you don’t necessarily want out in the open at all times.

If you’re a cinema or music lover, Bush Home also offers different TV stands and audio towers to make your living room even cozier for those nights in we all find ourselves having very often these days. These home entertainment essentials accommodate large flat screen televisions, stereos, record players and more while providing plenty of space to store media as well as wire management to keep cords and cables in order.

Home Office

Home offices have taken on a much bigger role in many households since the beginning of the pandemic. While makeshift offices such as sofas and kitchen tables might seem like a solution for some, investing in the right office furniture is fundamental to boost productivity and ensure you can work in comfort and peace.

Offices can get cluttered and disorganized pretty quickly, so investing in the right storage furniture can definitely help keep all your necessities conveniently stored throughout your workspace. Some of our desks offer plenty of built-in storage for your files, papers, letters, and more. However, if you’re one of those people who have a lot of personal belongings in their office or likes to refer to books, manuals, and bulkier things, a practical file cabinet or bookshelf is the perfect solution for you.

Another functional addition to your workstation is a hutch or a desktop organizer. They keep your belongings organized and always in full view, so you can easily find anything you’re looking for while working, without having to get up or look for them around the room.

If you have any decor or objects you’d rather keep separate from your desk and your workstation, a practical and compact credenza is the solution you’re looking for. It blends effortlessly with the interior and provides extra storage for your belongings.

Keeping your office nice and tidy couldn’t be more important — it boosts your productivity and improves your workflow, as well as taking the stress of a cluttered place away.

Hall and Entryway

Last, but certainly not least, is the hall or the entryway of your house or apartment. It’s literally the very first thing anyone sees when entering the home, and having your outerwear, shoes, keys, and everyday necessities all hanging in the right place gives a great first impression.

Bush Home offers different solutions for different interiors, with styles and finishes that will blend seamlessly within your space and give you the perfect storage for your keys, coats, boots, and more.

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