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Working from Home? Check out These Incredible Home Office Desks

Working from Home? Check out These Incredible Home Office Desks

Working from home means spending prolonged hours in front of a screen. This means a good workstation is of paramount importance to boost productivity and facilitate your workflow. There are many things one should consider before choosing the right desk. Comfort, ergonomics, functionality, and design are just some of the things you might prioritize when choosing between the different home office desks available on the market.

Bush Home offers a multitude of home furniture solutions with plenty of home office desks to choose from. Whether you’re looking to invest in a timeless piece for your office or to simply add a small workstation to your apartment, this is your one-stop-shop for all things home office desks.

Below is a list of our best home office desks for every need.

Writing Desks

With their sleek and elegant designs, Bush Home's writing desks are the perfect choice for anyone who values design as much as comfort and style. The combination of wood, metal and glass on some of our models adds a beautiful, timeless touch to any home.

Moreover, these beautiful home office desks look amazing in any space, not only in an office. It’s a perfect solution for any room, including a hall or even an entryway. They are among the most popular choices in home office desks for people who don’t spend much at the desk. They also suit those who enjoy doing some casual writing during the day perfectly.

Looking for a larger piece with extra storage? Our computer desks with desktop organizers might be the perfect choice for you. With ample storage space to keep your necessities always close to you and organized, they make for the best solution for anyone who’s looking for a comfortable yet compact desk.

Executive Desks

With their sophisticated design and majestic appearance, executive home office desks are a prime choice of home office desks for those who really want to invest in their personal workspace. Executive desks create a timeless and stylish workstation that is incredibly sturdy, imposing, and durable.

Their superb design will transform any office space into the most distinguished room in your house. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enrich their home office space with a top-notch work setting.

The manager’s desk doesn’t come alone; Bush Home kept in mind the need for extra storage when developing this timeless piece of furniture. Apart from the drawers included in our executive desks, we offer many bundles that include a lateral file cabinet and bookcases.

Height-Adjustable L-Shaped Desks

Spending the whole day in front of a screen can be very tiresome both for you and your back. This is why standing desks have become more popular in the last year. These multifunctional home office desks allow people to adjust the height of the work surface and switch from sitting to standing to avoid sedentariness and back pain.

Bush Home designed an array of home office desks that are quite mind blowing in their multifunctionality. They not only allow you to switch positions when working, but come with a multitude of useful and unique perks.

For example, the Somerset Collection includes desks with both fixed and sit-to-stand surfaces along with built-in storage. Moreover, the sit-to-stand surface can be attached to either side of the desk, creating an L-shaped configuration.

Some bundles come with a file cabinet, which can be used for any necessary extra storage.

Bush Home merged the comfort of a standing desk with the versatility of an L-shaped desk, all in one product. On one hand, standing desks provide an ergonomic solution to those who physically can’t bear sitting in the same position all day. L-shaped desks, on the other hand, provide a large and efficient workstation to those who want peace of mind by having all their objects organized in one place.

L-shaped desks are the perfect solution for those who are looking for a wide yet space-saving workstation. By virtually offering two surfaces instead of one, you will have space to place all your belongings and have them handy all day.

Having everything at your fingertips means not having to stand up and look for anything during the day. This saves time, energy, and makes the workflow much more efficient, ultimately boosting productivity.

Secretary Desks

While many think that this type of home office desk is outdated, secretary desks are actually making a stealthy comeback.

Perfect for virtually any room or apartment — even the tiniest ones — secretary desks are a compact, multifunctional, and stylish addition to any home. Their unassuming design fits into any room, giving it a retro touch.

Bush Home's vast array of secretary desks can include a keyboard tray and a storage cabinet. There is also an option to add drawers and shelves that sit on the surface.

The keyboard tray is fantastic for those who don’t have much space to store their belongings; it can be easily pulled out to work and pulled in to store your laptop when you’re done. It’s not only a storage solution, but an actual desk and workstation.

Even if you already have a main desk in your office, a secretary desk could make for a wonderful auxiliary desk if you place it in a different room in the house. Research shows that switching up our work setting more frequently might freshen up our ideas, facilitate workflow, and boost productivity.

Whether you have a main office in your house or are simply looking for a compact solution for a workstation with extra storage to keep all your necessities organized, a secretary desk is a wonderful solution for all your needs.

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