The Secret to Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Furniture

The Secret to Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Furniture

Designing a new bathroom can be both a very exciting and overwhelming project. Whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom or building a new one, there are several questions to answer before making the most of your space. Luckily, we’re offering you helpful tips to get the perfect bathroom furniture for all your needs.

Whether you’re planning on renovating the main bathroom in your house, or perhaps building a guest bathroom, there are many things to consider before getting started.

Let’s now look at a few questions to ask and answer before creating the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Who Will Use the Bathroom?

First off, it’s important to understand who will be using the bathroom you’re planning on building or renovating.

If you’re renovating your master bathroom, you probably want to choose furnishings consistent with the style of your bedroom. If that’s the case, you’re in luck, since Bush Home offers both reliable bedroom furniture and bathroom furniture and decor.

Is building a separate bathroom for guests your goal? Bush Home has the perfect solutions for your bathroom furniture and decor. You’ll have a vast selection of products to choose from to tackle literally every need. Moreover, you won’t have to be worried about them coordinating with the rest of your home decor; our versatile designs will fit in any interior space.

Master bathrooms are among Bush Home's areas of expertise, with plenty of offerings like storage cabinets, laundry hampers and more.

2. What About Storage?

Whether your plan is to renovate a big or a small bathroom, storage is an important part of any bathroom. Bush offers the perfect solutions for you to store towels, textiles, and larger items or just makeup and toiletries.

If you wish for enough space for your everyday essentials, our storage sets are the perfect option for you. With plenty of shelves and drawers, you’ll have all the space you need to fit everything you want to store. Our storage sets are the perfect addition to your bathroom furniture. They fit seamlessly into any space to avoid creating clutter or making the area smaller.

If you’re not looking for a complete set, but rather a smaller bathroom cabinet, look no further. Our compact yet space-saving and functional cabinets are exactly what you need for your bathroom if you’re looking to store towels or other bulky items.

If you’re planning on renovating a small powder room or a guest bathroom, and you’re afraid of not having enough space to store anything, fear not! Our over-the-toilet storage cabinets are just what you need to store your necessities in your small bathroom. By utilizing the gap above your toilet, our cabinets won’t take away any extra floor space for you to store your important belongings. Making the most of your wall space is always a great idea in a small room.

3. Do Your Laundry With Style

A great idea for any bathroom — whether your main one or a guest bathroom — is to add a practical laundry hamper. Bush Home offers different options with lids and removable liner bags in a neutral array of colors that will effortlessly blend within any interior.

Bush Home will make laundry day a much more enjoyable time of the week thanks to its innovative and practical laundry hampers. The liner bag is removable, allowing quick trips to the laundry room and back. Moreover, the hinged laundry hamper lids let you easily open the hamper with one hand while holding towels or clothes with the other.

If you’re looking for a larger piece of bathroom furniture with additional storage, our laundry storage solutions could be a fantastic idea. They come with a cabinet full of compartments to store all your necessities, and a laundry hamper with a lid and a removable liner bag. The latter is really practical because it will allow you to wash everything you need by simply removing the bag from the hamper and dropping it into the washing machine.

4. Don’t Forget About Bathroom Decor

Last, but certainly not least, is bathroom decor. One’s bathroom truly is one of the most important parts of a home. A bathroom is not just a place of necessity, but one of self-care, coziness, and relaxation. Just think about it, how many times have you wished to be in your own bathroom when you were in a public one? How many times have you dreamt of taking a hot bath or shower or have a quiet moment of relaxation in your bathroom during a busy day? This is why decor is fundamental.

Whether your bathroom is big or small, a fantastic addition to it would be a mirror, which not only serves a practical and purposeful role in the space, but adds a touch of light and visibly makes the place look larger.

If you’re looking to save some space, a medicine cabinet with a mirror might be the perfect solution for you. It will give you enough space to store all your daily necessities, and it won’t take up any extra space in your bathroom.

If you prefer a separate cabinet or an alternative solution to store your belongings, you can opt for a classical mirror. Bush offers several wall-mounted solutions that will blend effortlessly with your design and look stunning in any bathroom.

If you have lots of daylight, a plant can definitely add a touch of greenery to any bathroom. Many plants love humidity, and they would thrive in any bathroom. You could get a small potted plant and place it on a cabinet, or even a pothos, which can be potted, but also grown in water, creating beautiful vines.

Lastly, you could add some beautiful lighting to your bathroom, and even some candles, to make the area more relaxing and perfect for a soulful bath.


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