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6 TV Stand Tips for a Beautiful Living Room

6 TV Stand Tips for a Beautiful Living Room

There are a few things that bring the family together in the home: dinner time, game night, and movies… lots of movies. But it takes more than extra buttery popcorn to have the perfect movie night. In fact, in addition to the ones featured in your movie or TV show of choice, many heroes need to be brought in. You need a comfy couch, a great big TV, and, last but not least, a stylish and durable TV stand.

TV stands have come a long way since their time as just basic, often bulky, furniture pieces with one purpose. Considering how vital the living room is within a family home, you shouldn’t overlook this essential piece of home furniture. The right TV stand can spruce up your living room, blend style and function flawlessly, and bring the whole family together. Here are six TV stand ideas to brighten any space, in homes of any size.

1. Use the extra storage

Beyond their obvious initial purpose, the best TV stands can become multi-purpose pieces that solve a lot of décor and storage problems, especially if you’re dealing with a smaller living room.

Any parent can vouch that the living room often morphs into a playground where toys and games pile up. Use the built-in cabinets and shelves of your TV stand for toy storage. Cute baskets can help keep everything organized if you have a TV stand with open shelves, instead of closed cabinets.

No bookshelves? No problem. Line up your favorites on open shelves to display your best titles, or pile bigger, coffee table books horizontally with bindings facing the room. It could eliminate the need for a large coffee table if you prefer to keep that central space in your living room open.

With many buying smart TVs or using small streaming devices that don’t need a lot of space, you no longer need much shelf space to keep VHS or DVD players. However, do keep that space in mind if there’s a gamer or two in your house; they’ll need it for their console of choice and video games.

If you prefer hanging your TV on the wall, you could still use a TV stand beneath it. We love the idea of an entertainment center, with a TV stand doubling as a record player console table beneath your TV. Adjustable shelves mean you could comfortably fit your vinyl collection in the storage section.

2. How to decorate a wall behind TV stand

The TV and TV stand are such key pieces in a home’s living room, but that doesn’t always mean we want them to dominate the space. There are small aesthetic choices you can make to create harmony between the room and your TV stand. The first one of these is deciding how to decorate a wall behind the TV stand.

Floating shelves around the TV stand and TV are a great idea. Whether you use those shelves for books or for décor, like plants, lamps or art, they will visually balance out the TV. Another great way of doing this is by hanging artwork or photos on the wall above your TV and TV stand. You could create a full photo wall that distracts the eye from the black square of your TV.

To amplify this concept even further, you could opt for an accent wall, either with bold, patterned wallpaper, textured moldings, or wood panels.

Many homeowners make the mistake of forgetting about the wall behind the TV stand, letting the TV be the center piece, but use your creativity to decorate that wall your way and add color and personality to a space dominated by tech.

3. What to decorate on a TV stand

It’s not just the wall behind the TV stand that can be decorated, but the TV stand itself, especially now that televisions aren’t these giant clunky boxes anymore.

Before you start decorating a space, you should always try a minimalist approach. Start sleek and see how you like it. Then you can start building up the space to achieve a style you prefer. Sometimes, minimalism is the way to go.

If you do decide to add flair to the piece, you could add small framed photos or delicate plants on top of your TV stand that won’t distract you too much from your viewing. Greenery can easily freshen up a space reserved for media and entertainment; it’s a lovely contrast. A small lamp could also be placed next to the TV if you need to brighten up the TV stand when your television is off.

Balance out the geometric shape of the TV with colorful, tapered candles or round vases with fresh flowers.

4. Pair up pieces

As we know, the TV stand is no longer an after-thought, or a basic furniture piece that’s only meant to serve one purpose in a room. You can find the best TV stands in a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes. It should fit the aesthetic of your living room and that’s something you should take into consideration when shopping for yours — always keep your design inspiration, theme of your room, and color palette in mind.

Bush Home makes it easy to pair pieces with pre-bundled sets ideal for your living room. You can choose from living room sets that include a TV stand with two tall bookcases, or others that include a TV stand, coffee table, and two end tables. This’ll save you the time and energy it would take to try to find a TV stand that matches the rest of your living room.

Another way of establishing a cohesive style across your living room is by shopping by collection. The following Bush Home collections all feature stylish TV stands, as well as other essential home furniture pieces you could match your stand to:

  • Somerset Bedroom Collection: Classic and timeless pieces available in various, rich finishes.
  • Coliseum Collection: High-end and polished furniture with an industrial twist.
  • Homestead: Unique trestle leg designs and relaxed designs bring modern farmhouse flair to any room.
  • Westbrook: Windowpane glass doors and unique storage pieces define this collection.
  • Hampton Heights Home: Clean lines enhance your living space with timeless grace.
  • Salinas: Elegance meets modern farmhouse-inspired home pieces for comfort and style.

5. How tall should a TV stand be

Not all TV stands are built for all sizes of televisions. The dimensions of your TV will help determine the dimensions of your TV stand. You should aim for the center of your TV to be at about eye level when you’re seated on the couch to avoid discomfort. Obviously, this isn’t always possible to achieve for the whole family (parents and kids don’t have the same needs!), but it’ll give you a good idea of what approximate height to look for when buying a TV stand.

Considering you need a TV stand that’s also a few inches longer than your TV on either side, it might sometimes be tricky to find a stand for larger TVs. If you’re wondering what size TV stand for a 65-inch TV, for example, Bush Home makes it easier with the TV dimensions often found in the product name. Choose from the Tall TV Stand for 65 Inch TV or the 46W Stand for 65 Inch TV. You’ll also find options for 70-inch or 75-inch television sets.

6. Where to buy a TV stand

Bush Home is the place to go for the best TV stands and entertainment centers. From rustic pieces that blend style and function to more simple pieces in timeless hues, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Once you’ve found the perfect TV stand, shop around for other living room essentials, from couches and coffee tables, to bookcases and more. Built with care, our home furniture pieces bring beauty to your living space. Now if only choosing the right movie for movie night was as easy as it is to shop for a TV stand…

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