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7 Tips on Finding the Best Commercial Office Furniture For Your Business

7 Tips on Finding the Best Commercial Office Furniture For Your Business

Commercial office furniture used to be an after-thought for many businesses. The focus was often cutting costs and prioritizing function over anything else. But times have changed. These days, we want spaces furnished so that employees feel welcome and happy. With many companies offering hybrid work schedules, employees should feel excited to go into the office, surrounded by furniture built for their comfort. The design of commercial office furniture has shifted with the times, with pieces so stylish and versatile, you’ll even want them for your home. Here are 7 tips on finding the best commercial office furniture.

1. Decide on your commercial office layout

There are so many different design options to choose from when planning the layout of your corporate office. It’ll determine so many things, including which commercial office furniture best fits your design ideas and needs.

The open-concept office is a popular and trendy choice for many companies now, from large corporations to small start-ups. This layout and its open floor plan encourages communication and collaboration between employees. Commercial office furniture in this type of layout should be chosen with that in mind— think open workstations without walls or commercial desks that can be shared or re-configured. The focus should be on making your office feel wide and spacious to allow for easy movement between workstations. Find office desks that can easily fit together; open-concept offices often feature desks paired together, either face-to-face or side-to-side. Collaborative spaces should also be planned for, since they’re essential to this type of corporate office. Variety in office furniture is key to allow for versatile configurations that employees can choose from. An open-concept office revolves around flexibility and choosing where and how you want to work. One day, it might be at a small desk, and the next, sitting in a comfortable seat by a window.

That type of layout doesn’t work for every corporate culture. Some employees prefer privacy and distraction-free workspaces. Cubicles are the way to go to create the ultimate focus space. Not only do they provide privacy, but they’ll also reduce visual and auditory distractions. A cubicle can become a welcoming, personal space that employees can arrange and decorate their way.

Your office configuration can let you blend both types of layouts. Place cubicles that open to each other to create pods of open workstations where small teams can collaborate, while still enjoying some privacy from the rest of the office.

2. Think of employee wellness

The secret to a productive team? Prioritizing their health and happiness, especially when shopping for commercial office furniture. Nobody wants to work in an unattractive and uncomfortable space. You should aim for designing an office that employees want to spend time in thanks to professional office furniture tailored to their needs.

Pick commercial office chairs that are ergonomic with features that help posture and provide the right support. The best ergonomic office chairs can be adjusted to adapt to each employee’s individual needs.

Consider trying standing desks or at least making the option available to your team. Discover the high-end ergonomic desks of our Energize collection or the Move 40 Series collection. Choose computer desks with the right surface area so employees can comfortably spread out, while working with all the equipment they need for the job.

Comfort is so vital for productivity and motivation — don’t overlook it!

3. Choose an aesthetic

You spend a lot of time thinking and strategizing over your brand. It should be reflected in every corner of your company, including across your office. A stylish, brand-conscious office space makes a good impression on potential customers, while instilling a sense of pride in employees. Think about that when you build on your office’s aesthetic. The right commercial office furniture can help introduce your brand to anyone who walks through the door.

A great place to start is Bush Home’s curated collections for commercial office furniture:

  • Series C: Commercial-quality desks and storage with professional style and sumptuous finishes that meet the needs of any workspace.
  • Office in an Hour: A simple collection of easy-to-install office basics that create a workspace in a snap.
  • Hustle: High-quality and affordable commercial office furniture ideal for small to medium-size businesses.
  • Studio C: Timeless and popular pieces upgraded with a contemporary feel to fit any office.
  • Series A: Furniture designed for flexible office configurations, from open to small spaces.
  • Jamestown: The past meets the present with commercial office furniture that reflects a changing professional landscape.

Browse all our collections for more inspiration to shape the style of your business interiors.

4. Prioritize durability and sustainability

Furnishing your office from one of the best commercial furniture companies means that you can count on pieces crafted from high-quality materials.

Investing in durable corporate furniture will save you money down the line. The best commercial furniture pieces are designed to be long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. We’re talking scratch-resistant work surfaces and durable constructions built for long work days. A little maintenance here and there is normal, but you won’t have to spend on repairs or replacements as frequently in the future.

In the long run, you’ll be investing in a more sustainable working environment that shows you care about the future of your company.

5. Go beyond the basics

It’s a no brainer which commercial office furniture essentials should top the list of your must-haves. You’ll need sturdy computer desks; L-shaped desks are a popular choice for a reason, offering the space for multiple monitors and more. We’ve already mentioned the importance of a comfy office chair. Then there’s storage. A commercial office wouldn’t be complete without bookcases and filing cabinets that can be used to store documents and office supplies, but also to showcase décor that liven up the space.

Your list of commercial office furniture must-haves shouldn’t stop there. You’ll need to furnish spaces reserved for meetings and collaboration. Re-think the old-school meeting room and choose furniture that could also fit in your home, like comfy sofas where employees can sit side by side and swap ideas. Conference tables are always key for collaboration; ours are built to suit small to large groups. You’ll need more seating for these rooms and comfort and ergonomics should still be respected. Even if you’re spending less time in these rooms, you should maintain the same level of care. Brainstorms will never be the same.

Next stop is the breakroom. Pencil in more shelving and storage for microwaves, coffee machines, utensils, mugs, and everything that keeps your team fuelled for the day. Add tables and chairs for lunch breaks, scrums, and all the tea times in between.

Last but not least, there’s the reception area. We all know how important first impressions are and this is your chance to leave your mark. Some partners or investors might never make it past this space – create a look that they’ll remember with stand-out furniture. Add a pop of color, some greenery, tasteful art, and a stylish commercial reception desk.

6. Bring business into the home

What’s that, you say? Hear us out: commercial office furniture can work in your home. While there has been a return to the office and a rise in hybrid work, there are still a lot of remote workers for whom home is where the work is. So why not invest in the most durable furniture for your home office?

With features such as thermally fused laminate surfaces and a construction you can trust for years to come, these pieces are expertly crafted with the working professional in mind. The Hybrid collection features furniture that’s ideal for people who crave the durability and functionality of commercial office furniture, but want a style that can easily blend in with the rest of your home.

7. Where to buy commercial office furniture

Bush Furniture is your one-stop shop for the best commercial office furniture. All our pieces have been expertly designed and rigorously tested to meet and exceed quality standards for safety, durability, and performance. Plus, the home furniture offered by Bush Home means you don’t have to go anywhere else to furnish every other space in your life. That’s especially useful for the modern hybrid lifestyle most of us are embracing now.

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